Marsha Blackburn Describes Dire Situation at U.S./Mexico Border


U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) warned this week on her Facebook page that “every state is a border state until we secure the southern border.”

Blackburn posted several times on Facebook Sunday from Arizona.

Blackburn, in one post, said she was at the border wall where construction had stopped due to Biden’s open border policy.

“The construction crews built a road that’s now being used by the cartel courtesy of Biden,” Blackburn wrote.

In another post, Blackburn quoted Arizona law enforcement agencies.

“Since President Biden has taken office, Pinal County Sheriff Lamb has already had 40 car pursuits chasing illegal immigrants. Coyotes are tracking illegal immigrants dressed in camouflage from the southern border up through an Indian reservation,” Blackburn said.

“They end up in Pinal County where they wait in the bushes along the freeway for cars to come grab them.”

In another post, Blackburn wrote of speaking with John Ladd, a Cochise County rancher who said he’s had more than a dozen dead illegal immigrants on his ranch the past three decades.

“He’s had his trucks, barns and buildings broken into countless times and every day multiple groups of illegals cross his land,” Blackburn wrote.

“John told me he shouldn’t have to live like this in America.”

Blackburn said on FOX News this week that the images she saw in Arizona were “horrific.”

“As I talked with Sheriff Lamb in Pinnell County and Sheriff Dannels in Cochise County and talked with other citizens that are there, ranchers, a county attorney, what we hear is that this Biden administration open border policy is what is causing this crisis,” Blackburn said.

“What they have done is eliminate the protections, provisions that President Trump had in place and now what you have is a border that on the south side is being run by the cartels, and these cartels are big business. They are very organized. They are surveilling our law enforcement. These migrants all have cartel-issued clothing. You know, El Chapo’s cartel, they are running that area around Mexico. Half the drugs in this country are coming through the state of Arizona. You’re seeing them come up I-8 and I-10.”

Pinal County is located 60 miles north of the U.S./Mexico Border. Cochise County, meanwhile, is situated along the southern border.

As The Tennessee Star reported Sunday, Blackburn said members of the Biden administration censor what Border Patrol agents can say and hide the truth from the American people.

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2 Thoughts to “Marsha Blackburn Describes Dire Situation at U.S./Mexico Border”

  1. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    Yeah, who caused that Marsha? Unreal. All I got from her office was a form letter about how great Biden, and our so called ‘democracy’ was, and why she had to certify the fraudulent illocution. Will never vote for her again, not Hagerty, nor Lee.

  2. Marsha Blackburn is complaining that Resident Biden is causing this…no, she caused it when she didn’t object to the massive Election/Voter fraud on January 6th. Her words are hollow.