Former Trump Press Secretary and Arkansas Gubernatorial Hopeful Sarah Sanders Endorses Pete Snyder for Virginia Governor


Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has endorsed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder. On Thursday, the Snyder campaign posted a video call between Snyder and Sanders on YouTube.

In the video, Sanders said Snyder was a strong Trump supporter who would fight for schools and businesses to be open.

“There’s literally nobody I can think of that I’d rather see serving as the governor there, and hopefully I’ll win in my state, and we can work together as conservative governors for America,” she said.

“I know you’re fighting the good fight in your home state of Arkansas, and we’re doing everything we can to take on the teachers’ unions here in Virginia and get our schools back open. But that means an absolute ton having you have my back and endorsing me in this race,” Snyder replied.

“You’re going to be a magnificent governor,” he said.

Sanders is running for the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arkansas, and in 2020 announced the launch of the Arkansas 30 Day Fund, modeled on Snyder’s Virginia 30 Day Fund. The Virginia 30 Day Fund has funded over 725 businesses, according to its website.

Sanders said, “You are one of the people that actually put your money where your mouth is not only in supporting the president, but also one of my favorite things that you have done, and where we really got to bond, was over the 30 Day Fund, and the effort that you led and helped us get started here in Arkansas was so impactful for so many people.”

Political consultant and former Trump appointee Mark Lloyd told The Virginia Star that generally, endorsements may not change people’s minds about candidates. “But, if someone is still trying to make their decision, it could make the difference,” he said.

“Sarah’s endorsement of Pete is well deserved. She understands what leadership looks like having served in the Trump White House,” he said. “Yes, I think endorsements from trusted and respected people like Sarah can certainly make a difference.”

“Sanders’ endorsement is particularly impactful right now because she is the first high profile national figure inside former President Trump’s inner circle to publicly back a Virginia gubernatorial candidate. It’s impossible to imagine she did this without Trump’s personal sign-off,” said radio and TV show host John Fredericks, Trump’s Virginia Chairman in 2016 and 2020.

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Pete Snyder by Pete Snyder and “Sarah Sanders” is by Sarah Sanders.





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