Minnesota WNBA Coach Comes Out in Favor of Trans Athletes

Cheryl Reeve


The general manager and head coach of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx came out in favor of male athletes participating in female sports Wednesday, publishing an opinion piece in Sports Illustrated explaining her position.

“Proud to lend my voice and support for transgender inclusion,” Cheryl Reeve said on Twitter, attaching her opinion piece.

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Wednesday was the Transgender Day of Visibility, during which liberals virtue signal about their support for transgenderism.

“I am proud when my team shows up for Black lives, fights against pay disparities in women’s sports and celebrates our LGBTQ fans. And today, I am proud to speak up in support of the right of transgender women and nonbinary athletes to compete in women’s sports,” Reeve said in the piece.

She continued:

When we welcome all woman athletes, including transgender woman athletes, to bring their full authentic selves to the game, we are stronger as individual players and as a team. I have dedicated my life to women’s basketball long enough to know that the true threats to women’s sports lie in obstacles like severe pay disparities, lack of investment in women coaches and an overall lack of resources dedicated to women’s sports from scholastic competition through to the elite level. Transgender exclusion pits woman athletes against one another, reinforces the harmful notion that there is only one right way to be a woman and distracts us from the real threats to women’s sports.

Reeve’s rant comes amid a massive battle between the Biden administration and state legislatures over whether biological males should be able to compete in female sports. Supporters like Reeves say is an issue of tolerance and inclusion. Critics say biological males have an unfair advantage playing against biological females.

Currently, there are 26 states that have introduced legislation or signed legislation into law to ban biological men from playing women’s sports.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signed one such bill on March 11.

Last week, Arkansas banned the practice when Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a similar bill into law.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) refused to sign a bill that would have barred male athletes from competing in female sports, noting that she thought there would be legal challenges to that bill. But Tuesday, she signed an executive order barring the practice.

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