Ohio Priest Compares Jesus to George Floyd During Holy Week


It is Holy Week in the Catholic Church, the most sacred time of the year for that religion, and one Jesuit priest at Xavier University is using it to weaponize Jesus on behalf of progressive politics.

“Jesus Christ and Derek Chauvin are on trial this week. If the justice system lets Derek Chauvin walk free, then we will have chosen Barabbas over Christ once again,” Jesuit Regent David Inczauskis said on Twitter.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectBarabbas is the biblical figure freed by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus, who was later crucified.

But some have pointed out the tenuous comparison between Jesus and George Floyd, who was a career criminal and longtime drug user. Floyd died after an interaction with Chauvin, a former Minneapolis Police officer, who is now on trial for murder.

“A liberal wearing a white collar compares George Floyd to Jesus Christ during Holy Week,” American Greatness editor Pedro Gonzalez said in response to Inczauskis’ tweet.

“Jesuits were once known for precise reasoning. This seems no longer the case. Either that or this guy was at the very bottom of his seminary class,” Dinesh D’Souza, a commentator, author and filmmaker said.

“Comparing George Floyd to Jesus Christ, let alone during Holy Week, is a really sickening look,” said another Twitter user.

The Ohio Star reached out to the Jesuit Order for comment, but did not receive a response.

This is not the first time Floyd has been compared to Jesus.

A July piece by Penn Rhodeen in American Magazine titled “The crucifixion of George Floyd” made a similar case.

“It may well be that watching the video leaves some viewers with an unnamed sense that what they are witnessing is a crucifixion. But whether named or not, the act carries resonant force beyond measure—exactly as it was designed to do from the beginning,” Rhodeen wrote.

The same publication argued in a separate piece that both Jesus and Floyd cried out for their mother’s before they died, and thus, they are basically the same.

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2 Thoughts to “Ohio Priest Compares Jesus to George Floyd During Holy Week”

  1. Tim Price

    This so called priest is a total servant of Satan!

  2. Ms Independent

    George Floyd was a life long criminal and caused his own death. This “priest” is WRONG!