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6 Thoughts to “MLB Says It’s Pulling 2021 All-Star Game Out of Georgia over Voting Law”

  1. Karen

    Who DO these companies think they are? They aren’t legislators or anyone else that has something to do with making law! The NBA and the NFL found out what happens when you try to tell your customers how to feel about something…guess it’s time for the airlines and MLB to get their just rewards! Get woke, go broke!

  2. Dorothy G

    I couldn’t care less for baseball and do care that my vote is counted accurately.

  3. Ron Welch

    Apparently the feckless leadership of MLB took their ignorant reactionary cue from Joe Biden’s bigoted lying accusations.

  4. jamesb

    does anybody really care? georgia has the right to legal elections so let mlb take their toys and go home.

    might i suggest minneaplolis?

  5. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Apparently, MLB (or at least its commissioner) sees nothing wrong with distorting — and even just plain lying about — the facts regarding GA’s new voting law, and is trying to “cancel” an entire State to punish its government for having the audacity to try and correct the flaws that allowed the 2020 election to be stolen by the Dems.

    So, in response, I am cancelling MLB, and I pledge to never attend another MLB game or watch one on television. And I will endeavor not to do business with any corporation that supports MLB financially (although this will probably be rather difficult to determine). If enough people follow this example, we can send a message that “cancel” culture is NOT, and it is unacceptable to punish the citizens of a State because you don’t like the fact that their government is trying to have free and fair elections.

  6. JB Taylor

    Stadium is available, perfect place for a trump rally. On game day.