Tennessee Communities Join Up in Grassroots GOP Coalition to Hold Elected Officials Accountable


A grassroots GOP coalition of 14 counties and various community members formed recently to hold state lawmakers accountable. Humphreys County GOP Republican Party convened on Thursday evening to sign letters addressed to state and national-level Tennessee leaders.

During the meeting, Humphreys County GOP Chair Wayne Miller explained that this coalition was also a means of keeping the people informed, something he says that the lawmakers have neglected.

“There’s a lot of us out there who believe that our officials have forgotten how they came into their positions. And they’ve forgotten that the Republican Party answers to their people, people of our county here,” stated Miller. “Our purpose in bringing this coalition together is to be able to unify our counties, come together and be able to bring unity from the counties.”

Miller also shared with the attendees that a bill they’d supported to strengthen E-Verify – a means of verifying employee citizenship status – was dropped by Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville).

As a result of certain incidents like that, Miller said that they are looking to put Christian conservatives in as legislators.

“It occurred to me – this isn’t just a political fight,” said Miller. “We’re fighting for the soul of our country. These people have gotten to a point where they’ve forgotten that we’re the people who put them there to begin with.”

Not only that, Miller shared that they are looking to launch intranet networks outside of the internet.

In an interview with The Tennessee Star, Miller explained that this grew out of people fed up with Republican legislators not listening to the people they represent.

“We’re trying to create and unify the counties together to support the citizens of the counties and allow them to have their voices heard through our elected officials,” said Miller. “There’s so much of this nonsense of what’s going on. If you speak up and speak out, there’s retribution against you. Really what it is is we’re being stripped of our Constitutional rights.”

According to Miller, they’re sending letters of censure to Sexton, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), and Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) for not supporting what their constituents wanted.

Additionally, they will be holding legislators accountable through “report cards” on their work.

That means their coalition won’t just be focused on officials’ missteps – Miller noted that they’d be commending those lawmakers who have stood steadfast by the interests of the people.

“We want to create a positive relationship with our officials – we want to hold them accountable, but we want to praise them for the good work they do,” said Miller. “It’s not just about fighting them – we want to help them as well.”

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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7 Thoughts to “Tennessee Communities Join Up in Grassroots GOP Coalition to Hold Elected Officials Accountable”

  1. Denise

    How do we, across the state, get involved to help, is there a website?

  2. 83ragtop50

    Mr. Miller speaks the truth., Where do I sign up?!!

  3. Trevor

    Please also censor RINO congressman David kustoff! I support these groups holding elected officials accountable for their voting records. Please also call out RINO Hagerty and Blackburn for turning their backs on Tennesseans and supporting Washington interests over their promises to supporter the voter integrity vote with Ted Cruz! Hagerty and Blackburn both went against Tennesseans interests and supported warmonger Mitch McConnell and Never Trumper! Marsha it is time for you get out of politics, you have been in Washington since 2003 and you have proven yourself to support Mitch McConnell over Tennesseans interest by continuing to vote to elect McConnell as leader, not publicly calling him out for attacking President Trump and reneging on voting on the Voter integrity act. Hagerty you are just a loser! Dr Manny please challenge Marsha Blackburn!! She is out of touch!!

    1. Dal ANDREW

      Apparently you should get involved with Frank Niceley;s SB 692. Designed to reestablish States’ influence over the US Senate. It rolled to March 2022 today. Now is time to lay ground work and build base for enactment in 2022. https://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/112/Bill/SB0692.pdf

  4. John Gretza

    Get ’em. We need to seriously consider the constitution party. Constitutionparty.com . With adequate fundraising and visibility some Republicans who more ally themselves with it could have good name recognition. Kudos Humphreys Co. Hopefully other counties will join the fight. Hopefully this grassroots movement will grow to a state wide and beyond.

  5. CMinTN

    This needs to spread to include more and more counties. We need to get rid of the do nothings who only pay lip service to representing us and reward those who are actually representing us. They failed to give us actual constitutional carry, they failed to protect us against vaccine passports, they failed to provide for religious exemptions to future vaccines…what are they doing for us?