Tennessee General Assembly Passes Bill Effectively Blocking Nashville Metro Council’s Construction Regulation Efforts

State Senator Jeff Yarbro and Jack Johnson.


An amended bill would effectively block Metro Nashville City Council’s ongoing efforts to impose stricter regulations on the construction industry. The legislation limited local government from enforcing oversight measures like obtaining employee data, enforcing safety and health standards beyond federal and state requirements, gaining entry to worksites, and obtaining the information of suppliers for labor or materials.

The Senate last passed an amended version of the bill, 27 to 6, on Thursday. The amendments widened the bill’s scope to include remote in addition to prime contractors, and to include bids, proposals, and agreements within what governments couldn’t enforce as oversight tactics.

State Senator Jack Johnson (R-Franklin) explained during the final Senate consideration that the amendment would maintain consistent standards.

“[W]e need to maintain consistency across the state relative to things like personnel matters as required by local government and safety standards,” said Johnson.

State Senator Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) suggested that the legislation would be in danger of overcorrecting. He asked what a local government could do, for example, when it can’t ask about personnel qualifications and they’re called to handle dynamite.

“This goes beyond making sure you have uniformity with safety and personnel matters,” stated Yarbro. “It actually goes to things that I think are important protections for our counties.”

Johnson said he disagreed with Yarbro’s interpretation of the bill. He said that people still have to meet certain requirements for licenses, so there would be a safeguard there. Johnson added that municipalities shouldn’t breach businesses’ confidentiality.

Last week, the House passed its version of the bill, 71 to 18.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Metro Council is considering legislation that would require construction businesses to extend direct employment to all temporary workers that are hired onto a Nashville project for at least 30 days. It would also require the businesses to allow for Metro-approved, third-party entities to ensure compliance.

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) came out against Metro Council’s legislation. They argued it would hurt local workers by increasing costs and killing job opportunities.

That legislation is on second reading currently, filed early last month. It is on the agenda for Tuesday’s council meeting.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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5 Thoughts to “Tennessee General Assembly Passes Bill Effectively Blocking Nashville Metro Council’s Construction Regulation Efforts”

  1. Donna Locke

    So, a group of law-breaking, completely self-centered profiteers continue to run our lives. The business lobby and the state legislators.

  2. Trevor

    I am an independent voter that lives in Davidson County! I am proud of the conservative members of the Tennessee General Assembly for opposing this government overreach by the democrats form Davidson county! Dr Manny Sethi please consider running againsyt RINO Marsha Blackburn who continuously proves her RINO ways for example She promised she would vote the way Tennesseans voted and support the Election integrity act with Senators Cruz and Hawley! The riot on April 6, occurs and she forgets about how Tennesseans feel about Election Integrity and changes her mind and does not support the act as she promised Tennesseans! I saw an interview where Blackburn was about her not keeping her promise and she laughed and did not answer the question! She is a Washington swamp creature! She continues to support Mitch McConnell and his anti Trump Statements! Marsha please come home and stay! You have been in Washington since 2003 and you have become the Swamp and do not represent Tennesseans any longer! There is something about that senate seat Little Bob Corker had it before Blackburn that has trouble keeping promises to Tennesseans!

  3. Nancy

    Thank you GOP members of the General Assembly! Please help build a strong GOP party in Davidson county where people like my family have a place to vote for people who do not want the government socializing all aspects of our lives! Senator Jack Johnson, Congressman Mark Green please put time and effort to build a strong two party system in Davidson county! Please redistrict the 5th to make it more conservative! The Coopers ( John and Brother Jim)have shown their true liberal focus and not governing in a conservative Tennessee way! Raising taxes 34%! Please reconsider the property tax as it is the most cruel tax for seniors because they never get the property paid for and always at risk of moving or losing their property because they can not pay high property tax! Why not freeze the property tax for as long as they own the property at the rate when they purchased the property?

  4. Cannoneer2

    So its fine to complain about federal “usurpations” and complain about federal control on states, but fine and dandy to turn around and do the same exact thing to cities and counties. Hypocrisy in action.

  5. rick

    Metro passing such legislation would ensure that the contractor willing to play the game would not be bothered if the correct individuals were to rewarded. The powers that be would look the other way. Standard Democratic operating procedure, for Metro. Follow the money, pay to play!