Christian Conference Cancels Antifa Investigative Journalist Andy Ngo After Former Speaker Doubts Veracity of Ngo’s Work


Journalist Andy Ngô, known for his undercover work on Antifa, was removed as a guest speaker from a prominent Christian conference on Monday. The speaker event, Culture Summit, is the 15th annual conference for Q Ideas. It is scheduled for April 22 through 23 in Nashville.

Ngô was scheduled to give a talk titled, “What is Fascism?” Q Ideas spokespersons told reporters that Ngô’s book dissecting Antifa, “Unmasked,” made him an appealing guest speaker. They didn’t give a reason as to why they’d disinvited Ngô from the event.

“[Unmasked] made him someone of note who had a perspective on this group and its motivation and ideology,” explained the Q Ideas spokespersons.

However, a Christian rapper and past Q Ideas guest speaker, Jason “Propaganda” Petty, said that he’d persuaded Q Ideas to pull Ngô from the lineup. He said that he was friends with the founder, Gabe Lyons, and that he believed that Ngô was a hoodwinker, con artist, and trash.

“I would hate to see [Q Ideas] hoodwinked by this guy who for all intents and purposes is a con artist. A healthy culture needs to hear a vari[e]ty of ideas, however this dude is, in my opinion trolling the right wing of our country then hitting them in their wallets. [There] are plenty of strong reputable conservative voices that would be a way better choice. So I’m glad they did the right thing,” said Petty.

Ngô confirmed that he was uninvited for those reasons, though he didn’t name Petty specifically.

“I was uninvited from this conference in a terse email after a friend of one of the organizers urged him to drop me,” said Ngô.

The organization describes itself as a platform to “restore Christian credibility and influence in Western society” through the presentation of Christian leaders.

There are 36 speakers for the event listed currently. Ngô is no longer listed amongst them on the website.

Ngô left the U.S. earlier this year due to threats of violence. He told reporters that his interest in Antifa arose in 2016, following the presidential election of Donald Trump.

Ngô didn’t respond to request for comment by press time.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Andy Ngo” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.






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3 Thoughts to “Christian Conference Cancels Antifa Investigative Journalist Andy Ngo After Former Speaker Doubts Veracity of Ngo’s Work”

  1. The Faker

    Stupidity also affects (some) Christians. And last time I checked, you can’t legislate stupid. For those still intending on attending, please think twice before supporting an organization like this. They are as dangerous as those on the left.

  2. Justin Observer

    A healthy culture needs to hear a variety of ideas, but I will choose what variety of ideas you can hear. Does anyone see any hypocrisy in that statement? What is fascism?

  3. Phil

    Nothing more than leftist cancel culture masquerading as “Christian”.
    Funny thing – the record company of the “Christian rapper” (in truth a SJW) who got Ngo canceled is in Portland Oregon. So who really is the con artist? Hint: It isn’t Andy Ngo.