Pro Golfers Join Woke Chorus in Condemning Georgia’s Voter Integrity Laws


Amid the left-wing outrage over Georgia’s new voter integrity law that requires identification to procure an absentee ballot, professional golfers are joining the woke chorus in condemning the state.

Irish professional golfer and four-time major winner Rory McIlroy, who is not a United States citizen, led the charge.

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He said the following:

“I have to be respectful and somewhat careful what I say because I’m not a citizen of this country, but I certainly think all great countries and democracies are built on equal voting rights and everyone being able to get to the ballot boxes as easily as possible.

I’m all for getting people to get out and vote and to have a great democracy, and I’ve chosen to live in this country because I believe this country is the best country in the world. You know, America is the land of opportunity and it’s the American dream. You work hard; you get rewarded. So I believe in all of that stuff.
But yeah, I’m all for people being able to have the right to vote and to be able to do it in the easiest way possible.”

Colin Morikawa, another prominent professional golfer, said that he thinks the new voter identification law should be the main focus of the Professional Golf Association’s (PGA) famed Masters Tournament, which is held in Augusta and begins Thursday.

“I think that’s the topic we should all be talking about. We shouldn’t be talking about whether we’re here or not,” he said. “The Masters, the PGA Tour, we do such a good job and we’re trying to help communities out and I think that’s our main focus for the week.”

Cameron Champ, a PGA up-and-comer, insinuated that the new law was racist.

“As you can tell, it really targets certain Black communities and makes it harder to vote, which to me it’s everyone’s right to vote,” he said.

“For me to see that, it’s very shocking,” he said, adding that he will “definitely be supporting doing some things throughout the week.”

Another professional golfer, Bryson DeChambeau, stressed the gravity of diversity and inclusion in the sport, calling it “incredibly important.”

The golfers are chiming in after Major League Baseball (MLB) moved its All-Star Game to Colorado, which itself requires identification of some form in order to register to vote. Critics of the law have called for the PGA to move the Masters, which it will not do.

The PGA  has also refused to move the season-ending Tour Championship which will be held in Atlanta in September, noting that the Tour Championship’s “commitment to East Lake has helped our partners transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and thriving ones, which is a key to ending the cycle of intergenerational poverty.”

“The charitable and economic benefits that have led to these substantial changes would not continue if we simply walked away from those in need,” the statement continued.

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3 Thoughts to “Pro Golfers Join Woke Chorus in Condemning Georgia’s Voter Integrity Laws”

  1. Mimi

    One more sport I won’t watch.

  2. Ron Welch

    Ignorant bigots, no doubt. DId they have to present a valid photo ID to enter the tournament? If so, they should have denounced it as racist and refused to enter. Otherwise they are cowardly hypocrites.

  3. David Longfellow

    They should protest by skipping the Masters, but of course they won’t because they are just virtue signalling.