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7 Thoughts to “Biden Announces Executive Actions on Gun Control, Says Changes Won’t Impact Second Amendment”

  1. beaux

    The Biden/Harris administration is a really bad “clown” act. Biden is perhaps the most mis-informed president of all time or he is a pathological liar. (You choose)

  2. I’m not inclined to try to argue with the foolish and the insane!
    2A is not about protecting our right to squirrel rifles and slingshots!
    2A is about protecting our natural, inalienable, fundamental,civil Right to possess and bear arms for protection of our lives, property and Nation! From Tyranny such as that Biden the Insane and the Democrat Conspiracy are now imposing on Americans!
    No Honorable Man would try to disarm The People! only Tyrants do that, as it is impossible to rule a People with the means to rsisttyranny1 He is not talking or even concerned about disarming Democrats their Terrorists, the criminals, 98% of which are in prisons are Democrats, or Illegal Aliens! His/Their intent is to disarm Honorable Citizens/Patriots! Everything so far from Biden’s mouth has been a lie and an attack on America!

  3. beaux

    Once again Biden has reaffirmed my belief that he is dumber than a rock.
    Does he really think these EO’s will deter criminal activity? If so, Lord help us!
    Why can’t democrat politicians get it thru their heads that penalizing law abiding gun owners will not stop criminals. Get tough on CRIMINALS, no plea bargaining for crimes committed with a gun. Deploy the Federal Marshalls to Chicago, L.A., Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington D.C.
    New York, Houston, Atlanta and any other city that has high gun crime. And no coddling the criminals, use brute force. Law abiding citizens are fed-up.

  4. mikey whipwreck

    just like obama, the media allows old joe to lie 24/7 without consequence. they truly are the propaganda arm of the dem party.

  5. Steve Allen

    Biden is full of you know what. Pistol braces don’t make a pistol more accurate. Ghost gun kits are not kits. They are an unfinished receiver lacking a serial number that the buyer then finishes using a milling machine. Thousands of Modern Sporting Rifle kits are LEGALLY purchased and assembled yearly. The receivers used in these kits are serialized and the buyer must go through a background check.
    The “gun show loophole” is more liberal BS. The only way you can purchase a firearm at a gun show without a back ground check is out in the parking lot.
    When is stumble bum Biden’s son going to be charged with lying on the 4473 form he filled out to purchase the handgun his deceased brother’s wife threw into a dumpster? Oh, that’s right laws are for us peons not the ruling class.
    If you have not watched Tucker Carlson’s commentary on Biden’s executive actions on gun control you really should. As always he really its the nail on the head.

    1. Tim Price

      Exactly right on all points sir!