Snyder Appears on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo


Gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder appeared on a Fox Business segment with Maria Bartiromo on Thursday, where he discussed reopening schools, reopening the economy, and criticized legislators for legalizing marijuana.

“Virginia is making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past year. Our economy is in the toilet due to the shutdown by our governor, 83 percent of our students in Virginia aren’t going to school five days a week because the teacher’s unions have locked them out, and our civil liberties and our rights have been stripped away,” Snyder told Bartiromo.

Bartiromo asked how to revitalize business during a pandemic. Snyder cited his experience as an entrepreneur and highlighted his work with his wife on the Virginia 30 Day Fund, which he said has helped saved over 1,000 Virginia businesses.

“No one else has done more in Virginia and in America to help small businesses than I have,” he said. “We can fix small business in Virginia.”

Snyder said that Virginia schools should be open immediately.

“In Virginia they actually greenlit legalization marijuana yesterday ahead of getting our schools open. The priorities are absolutely insane. We are losing a generation of children, and it’s wrong,” Snyder said.

Gianno Caldwell asked Snyder about Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface controversy.

Snyder said, “It’s all the talk among Republicans and independents, but the liberal media and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge it. Here Northam just endorsed Terry McAuliffe yesterday. Terry McAuliffe called him a racist, told all of America that Northam supported infanticide policies, and should resign. So, it’s just the classic liberal media coverup, and it is wrong.”

“We’re going to turn Virginia around,” he said.

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