BLM Blocks Stillwater Man from Getting Home, Police Intervene and Detain Him

BLM protest
by Kyle Hooten


When Black Lives Matter (BLM) blocked a Minnesota man from his home, police intervened — arresting the man.

BLM protested Saturday outside the home of a county attorney responsible for bringing charges against former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter, who recently shot Daunte Wright, apparently by accident. The protest was designed to pressure the attorney into upgrading Potter’s existing second-degree manslaughter charge to a murder charge.

About 100 people turned out, totally obstructing Stillwater Avenue.

After nearly two hours of protesting, the BLM activists began to march down the road towards Fourth Street, where they encountered a driver trying to reach his home.

As the driver attempted to turn onto Stillwater Avenue, he was blocked by three motorcyclists and a yellow-vested protest organizer who told him he would not be allowed to drive to his house.

“I live right there,” the man exclaimed, pointing to his home as the bikers dismounted and approached him.

A minor scuffle ensued as the bikers shoved the man and the man shoved back. Officers quickly intervened, detaining the man, putting him in the back of a squad car and moving his vehicle out of the way so the BLM march could continue.

A BLM-affiliated streamer who broadcast the protest narrated this event, inferring that the protesters would have harmed the man had police not detained him.

“The police came and grabbed him and pulled him away, which was probably good for his safety,” the streamer said.

One of the protest organizers then debriefed the group on what had just happened.

“There was an angry motorist who refused to move his car, the police were on the scene,” she said. “They [the police] took him away, put him in the back of a squad car. They moved his vehicle out of the street so we can peacefully continue our march.”

At some point, police also blocked roads, preventing anybody from accessing or leaving their homes while the protest was allowed to continue.

This is not the first time Stillwater police have allowed protest groups to disrupt traffic in the town. Last summer, armed Black Panthers shut down a main road during a protest that involved several hundred individuals.

Watch the protest unfold here. The detainment of the neighborhood resident is at approximately 1:29:00hr.

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Kyle Hooten is a reporter at Formerly, he was a member of the Trump Presidential Administration where he served in the Department of Commerce as a speechwriter for the Secretary.
Images “Black Lives Matter Protest” by BlackLives-Media.






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7 Thoughts to “BLM Blocks Stillwater Man from Getting Home, Police Intervene and Detain Him”

  1. Some Dude

    The police need to stop policing those cities where the people and politicians rise up, and repeatedly say the police are not wanted.

    Even national politicians rebuke ALL these officers’ actions, no matter WHO is at fault, now. Even super-wealthy out-of-touch entertainers, like Lebron, are hate doxxing police officers into peril, too!

    The police should QUOTE those people as THE REASON for the police’s SUBMISSION to The People’s, and voters’, will. No police is the society they want. Give it to them. Police, even your family’s financial and civil rights are at stake!

    At this point, the police are fools to continue “spreading their hate” where the police are hated, and vilified, and threatened with personal violence, no matter what they do. The Democrats state, “the police are not wanted”; And, so, the police should ALL leave, those cities, counties, states. Give those people EXACTLY what they want, and EXACTLY what they voted for. In fact, it is the police’s DUTY to obey their will. Quit! Or Strike for a month!!

    PS: Republican city, and rural area police and sheriffs… We the People love you, respect the important work you do FOR US ALL, and support YOUR being lawful and respectful of the Constitution and all OUR Bill of Rights!

    PPS: Please, do not forget, you policemen and policewomen (especially in areas where you ARE respected and needed!)… you MUST persevere! Or “everything”… changes. Things like our positive feeling towards you, and your march toward becoming “Brownshirts” for the Leftist/Democrat/Socialist Party.

  2. United States Citizen

    How about educational commercials directed at minorities. To help them understand laws, not to break them, and the different out comes that stem from following and not following what police order you to do during a stop. The expected behavior of a person being detained. And the possible out comes a suspect can expect when resisting arrest. Dispute the fact that parents of minorities have taught their children that if they commit a crime they can decide to cooperate or that they can say “I don’t want to be detained and I’m leaving.” And expect no harm to come to them. This is the same behavior that Joe Biden and his wife have taught their son Hunter. Certainly something myself and million of other parents do not want taught to their child/children. I’ve written this statement as a peaceful protest to protect my constitutional rights as well as my children.

    1. Some Dude

      Who really commits the majority of our crimes go quietly unnoticed because the killers are not middle-class, they go unnoticed because the shooters had no mullet, nor were they eligible for the Utah Jazz, and (Bill) Gates Millennium, Scholarships. Only those with a country club car-sticker are displayed (plastered) on OUR U.S. media screens.

      So, our masses remain ignorant, due to their own ignorance of BEING ignorant. Poof! The sheeple were created.

      The irony IS… as you stated, it will be outstanding EDUCATIONS that bring these gangsters OUT of the ghetto, and end the systemic violence that is the problem (and “their” problem is not racism!).

      That’s the cure! Education! And the cure is on a path that is simple to pursue.

      Smarter people are significantly less likely to commit crimes. ~ If ONLY “they” (those in control, aka ALL our politicians (BOTH SIDES!!) would TRY. Just ONE time. Try! They being those who spend the TRILLION$… on absolutely NOTHING… but more PROFIT for their controllers… and a reelection due to “their” help.

  3. Roger

    It seem strange that every right granted in the constitution only applies to BLM and Antifa, no one else has a right to go from point “A” to point “B” without the permission of whatever mod is protesting, rioting or looting at the time, but the mob is granted the right to control the entire city.

  4. JackRivera

    I would sue BLM and the police

  5. Tim Price

    What the Hell are these police doing!

    Unless they are taking him into protective custody.

    Better watch his house because BLM is very good at burning other people’s property.

  6. Steve Allen

    I am so glad my wife and I moved away from the Twin Cities in the early 1980s. When we would go back to visit family, each time it was so shocking to see the degradation taking place in Minneapolis. Liberal urban blight at its finest. Why people follow that failing ideology is beyond me. Brainwashing of Americans at its finest.