Williamson County Parents Warn Critical Race Theory Has Already Entered Their Public School System


FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden, as reported, cancelled his planned question and answer session with the Williamson County Republican Party, but frustrated members nevertheless met and made him and his policies the topic of conversation.

About 100 to 150 Williamson County residents met Wednesday night at a hotel conference room where, among other things, they asked whether the Williamson County School System has embraced Critical Race Theory (CRT). Williamson County School Board member Dan Cash attended Wednesday’s meeting. He said no, the school system is not teaching CRT. But some parents said it had already seeped its way in.

One woman, who did not identify herself, said her seven-year-old daughter attends Liberty Elementary School in Franklin. The woman said her daughter came home from school one day and said the following:

“I’m ashamed that I’m White.”

The daughter then asked “Is there something wrong with me? Why am I hated so much?”

“The seven-year-old is now in therapy. She is depressed. She doesn’t want to go to school,” the woman said.

“She is scared to death and has even had thoughts of killing herself. Again, we are talking about a seven-year-old child.”

Another person, Brian Dixon, said he is pulling his son out of the school system, although he did not say which school the child attended. Dixon told audience members that his wife is Asian. Dixon spoke of one school lesson, from what he said was titled The Wit and Wisdom curriculum.

“We are doing the online school because my wife was concerned about the pandemic. She sat with him through the entire course online. She was watching and reading with him what the teacher was teaching. It started out very beautifully talking about Dr. King and his speech and children from different backgrounds all coming together,” Dixon said.

“But then it started talking about the deep and dark portions of what happened during the 1960s. It’s good for him to learn that but not as a 7-and-8-year-old child in second grade.”

The lesson, Dixon went on to say, distressed his son greatly.

“He was very emotionally affected by this. My wife told him he was American. He looked at my wife and said ‘No, no, no. I’m not American. I’m Thai.’ That’s my wife’s background,” Dixon said.

“He was ashamed to be an American after reading this lesson. He didn’t want to be American. He saw all of the evil that had been attributed [to Americans] over the years. That was the last straw.”

Cash told Dixon and others in the audience to notify school board members — and also Golden — when they hear their children say such things.

“Email the whole board and let them know what is going on,” Cash said.

“That’s the only way you’ll get anything done about this.”

As reported two years ago, WCS officials required teachers to watch a series of videos showing county school employees advocating for social change and social justice. The “White privilege” training videos, as part of a Cultural Competency video series, showcased local teachers buying into the idea of “White privilege.”

School board members said at the time that news of this curriculum caught them off-guard. The Tennessee Star talked to various parents that year who said they feared speaking out against the “White privilege” training, due to a possible backlash against them either personally or professionally.

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20 Thoughts to “Williamson County Parents Warn Critical Race Theory Has Already Entered Their Public School System”

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  3. […] April of this year, a concerned mother in Tennessee warned other parents about the dangers of CRT. One day, the unnamed woman’s seven-year-old […]

  4. Chris

    No group, rally, education, or protest will stop this. Parent’s needs to get together and sue the school board/district/and it’s individual members for discrimination and child endangerment. Absolutely nothing is going to change until the lawsuits start rolling in.

    Other option is obviously private and charter school however not everyone has the money for that which leaves people no option but public school.

  5. mikey whipwreck

    how about schools focus on reading writing and math? like they should.

    do other countries like finland (with better school systems) waste time on this kind of mess?
    i bet not.

  6. Jay

    I’m telling you the teacher union elects the school board. You have to outspend and out smart them.

  7. David

    I think Golden and the WCS Board want to teach kids to be racists and to Racial Profile people. That is what Critical Race Theory teaches.

    Please Governor Lee and TN legislators, do like Oklahoma and ban it.

    Also, the Board except for Cash needs to be replaced and Golden needs to be fired for Cause. He is either lying to the Board or the Board members are Radical Leftists or fools.

  8. Wolf Woman

    Marxism comes to Williamson County. The incubator of CRT in our State is the Highlander Center in New Market (Jefferson County) Tennessee. The idol of the Center’s director Ash-Lee Henderson is Marxist Angela Davis, a supporter of the Black Panthers and accused of kidnapping and murder in the 1970’s, who now is honored and lauded by Democrats and Progressives for her criminal associations and activities.

    At the Highlander Center, which was established in the 1950’s by socialists as the Highlander Folk School, Ash-Lee trains community organizers, social workers, teachers in communist tactics and group dynamics. She’s part of the Movement for Black Lives Matter and supports the defunding of Law Enforcement.

    How sad is it that Karl Marx theories of “godless” dialectical materialism now hold a grip on a county that once was a bastion of Christianity.

    1. Charles

      Saint Martin King attended the Highlander school…people are so ignorant …

  9. Bubba N.

    If conservatives do not start fighting for their lives—yes, for their lives—these leftist animals will win and impose fascism.

    If you do not consider this a war, you are wrong. LeBron James considers this war.

  10. Kevin

    Stop allowing these Leftists to divide us! And, I’m sick and tired of so-called “christians” who subscribe to, or allow this race BS! Have they all forgotten Genesis?

    But honestly, who are the real racists here? Did Barack Obama, who’s mother happened to have very light skin, get elected President of the USA by receiving only the “black” vote? I doubt it, since Blacks account for less than 20% of the population.

    Maybe after we have complete genetic mapping of all citizens (isn’t that one of the goals of this pandemic)can we start handing out “free stuff” based on how oppressed your historical ethnic tree has been. And then the real whining can begin, at least until the CCP takes over, and everything ceases!

    1. Charles

      In case you missed it Williamson county has been invaded. However the school board has been a problem since the last century. I have had kids at Oak View, Indy, Legacy, Thompson Station, and Page. Oak View was wonderful with Mrs Goodwin and Dr Morris. Page as well. The rest are run by brainwashed Gen X and millennial women who just ape all the garbage they picked up getting a bachelors of education. Rarely are they curious or courageous. The older teachers were braver and bucked the garbage. The men too largely. This is insanity. Williamson county schools governed by the Left. Looney leaving solved nothing….beware any group calls itself #…….strong

  11. Beaux

    It seems to me that teaching Critical Race Theory is teaching “racism”. I thought the “woke” community was supposed to be “awakened” and attempting to eliminate racism. Looks like I was wrong.

    1. Gordon Shumway

      they are teaching reverse racism, which is racism all the same.
      equality has nothing to do with it.

  12. John Bumpus

    Yesterday (4-22-21) in national news reports is the story that Oklahoma state lawmakers aim to bar the teaching of critical race theory in Oklahoma public schools and universities.

    Oklahoma state senators have put forward legislation to prohibit certain concepts from being mandatory teaching and training topics in their State’s public schools and universities.

    State Sen. Shane Jett informed reporters that the lawmakers did not explicitly state that they were barring “Critical Race Theory” because proponents of that idea would “just change the title and still try to teach those principles that are embedded in critical race theory.”

    “What we did instead is identify line by line the types of things being taught to our children in (Oklahoma) public schools and in the university and prohibited it expressly,” he explained.

    Some of the prohibited topics would include the ideas that “one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex” or “an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

    I think that this would be an EXCELLENT idea for the Tennessee General Assembly to consider implementing in Tennessee before these pernicious ideas take root in our State’s academic curricula.

    1. Patricia Graves

      My grandson is being home schooled I didn’t like the common core being taught and I definitely don’t like what this critical race theory. I would like to send him back to public School but it has to do a lot of changing I thought the school boards were supposed to go over curriculum and have it approved I think a board of parents need to be Involved

      1. America First

        You are correct, the school board has the power to decide curriculum AND fire a bad superintendent!! They haven’t done any of that since a lot of us have been working on all of this! There IS a parent group, started when Looney was superintendent, however, they are the problem. It is called the “cultural competency council.” This group has demanded this racist, anti-American garbage curriculum while being unelected yet in total charge. The “school board” and the “superintendent” are in complete fear of these yahoos. If we had a legislature that had cojones, we would be able to actually outlaw this in WCS . . .

      2. Dal ANDREW

        Yes, Local School Boards have an obligation, and considerable discretion, regarding curriculum and materials/books used. What has characteristically missing is parental input & review. Absence of parental input is a critical root cause of many of our current dilemmata.

        1. 83ragtop50

          Hard to get the superintendent’s attention when he hides from parents like refusing to meet with them this week as planned. I really thought he worked for the citizens but apparently he did not get the memo.

      3. Barry Ripley

        A board of parents – good idea.