Williamson County Parents Form Facebook Group to Fight School System’s Alleged Critical Race Theory Curriculum


Williamson County residents who are upset with their public school system’s new race-based curricula have created a new Facebook group to organize and alert parents countywide that the schools are allegedly teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The page, Moms for Liberty — Williamson County, TN, debuted earlier this month, said admin Robin Steenman.

“What we are trying to do is weigh in on the school board members and educate them so there is no excuse to not understand what this is all about and tell them what we want. We are going to apply pressure to [Superintendent Jason] Golden, but we still have to cover all of the bases,” Steenman told The Tennessee Star this week.

“We also want to go to the [county] commissioners and do a mass education of the parents of Williamson County. I am working on an event that any parent can go to. We’ll call it CRT 101. I don’t have the details on that. I am waiting on some people to get back to me. We’re trying to educate parents and wake them up because once you wake them up they are going to stand up for their kids.”

Steenman referred to a Williamson County Republican Party meeting Wednesday in Franklin. As reported, about 100 to 150 Williamson County residents met and asked whether the Williamson County School System has embraced CRT. Many of the people who attended were upset. Also as reported, Williamson County School Board members in February voted unanimously to hire a firm, Fostering Healthy Solutions, to help stamp out what they said was a pattern of racism within the school district.

Fostering Healthy Solutions co-founder Anita Foster said that, as a business practice, she does not discuss clients.

Steenman said her group will focus on the Fostering Healthy Solutions firm, which she said focuses on diversity and inclusion. She said those are, on the surface, “nice-sounding words” but they betray what’s really happening. Steenman said her group will provide resources, including articles and videos, to show that the firm really wants to indoctrinate students into CRT.

School board members are paying Fostering Healthy Solutions $55,000 for a contract that ends in July. School board members have the option to renew the contract afterwards for the 2021-2022 school year.

“Our goal is to stop the chain of events and to make school board members see the light,” Steenman said

“We are meeting with every single school board member and putting them on notice. We know CRT is already there because there are a lot of damaged students.”

One parent at Wednesday’s GOP meeting said CRT motivated her seven-year-old daughter to feel shame that she was born white. The parent said her child is in therapy and has thought about killing herself, the mother said. Another parent said one school lesson made his child regret he was born American.

Steenman said that if enough Williamson County parents display enough outrage then they can force the public school system to abandon this curriculum.

“The country is a ship. It’s sinking, and it’s listing heavily. I can’t right it, but I can grab a bucket and I can bail water. If enough people do that then you can keep it afloat,” Steenman said.

“Also, you can shore that ship and ride it all you want, but if the next generation comes and torpedoes it through the hull then it’s all for nothing. So you have to shore up the next generation too. These are the minds and the hearts of the kids. You have to point out that it’s a damaging curriculum. It’s damaging to growing minds.”

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4 Thoughts to “Williamson County Parents Form Facebook Group to Fight School System’s Alleged Critical Race Theory Curriculum”

  1. Mike

    Whole lot of white supremacists upset that their kids might learn something about other people and the constant pattern of discrimination they go through. It’s pretty sad they are this far gone in their racism and bigotry and so determined to make sure their kids stay that way too. Personally I think this is a great idea, but I’m also smart enough not to watch Fox News.

  2. Jay

    Agree get your children OUT!

  3. Kevin

    Great idea and a valiant effort! Until Mark Yuccyburger, et, al., decide to censure and take down any offensive (to them) language.

    The only real solution for this problem is for all parents to get off of the earn-tax-earn-tax hamster wheel and get their kids into private or home-school programs! Sending your kids to public schools might appear to help your financial situation, while leaving you bankrupt in other ways.

    1. Horatio Bunce

      Indeed. At some point you have to ask how much time, effort and $ you are putting into deprogramming the government schooling plus your therapy sessions.

      Starve the Beast.

      By the way, I thought Tennessee Republicans crowed about repealing the lie of Common Core “State” Standards that they helped implement (Woodson, Frist, et al). As far as I can tell, TN schools are still on mandatory online assessments, Pearson Muslim Brotherhood common-core “aligned” curriculum and now Critical Race Theory.