With GOP Nominating Convention Two Weeks Away, Snyder, Sears Launch Tours


With two weeks until the May 8 GOP nomination convention, GOP candidates are hitting the road. On Friday, gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder announced a new “Conservative Outlaw Tour” of ten stops over 12 days spread across Virginia accompanied by his barbecue smoker the “Pig Rig” and “conservative outlaw” special guests. The same day, Lieutenant Governor candidate Winsome Sears announced her “Take Back the Commonwealth” RV tour with 24 scheduled stops over five days.

In an announcement, Snyder said, “Our campaign is uniting every single wing of our Republican Party. After 10 years of unrest, we have both Hatfields and McCoys working together to make sure that a true grassroots conservative is taking on Terry in November so we can win.”

“I’ve been active in our conservative movement for over 25 years,” Snyder said. “And I know firsthand in order to change hearts and minds, sometimes the best path is through one’s stomach. The ‘Conservative Outlaw Tour’ promises to be a bona fide 100 percent grassroots campaign blitz.”

“At every single ‘Conservative Outlaw Tour’ stop, Pete and his special guests will detail what it takes to defeat Terry McAuliffe in November, open our schools now, save small businesses, and restore the God-given rights of Virginians,” the Snyder announcement states.

Sears’ tour announcement states, “With 24 scheduled in-person campaign stops, this tour highlights Winsome Sears’ commitment to grassroots campaigning with the goal of providing voters a firsthand opportunity to learn how she will lead Conservatives to victory in November.”

After spending 2020 on the campaign trail in the battleground states for President Trump, I’m excited to be out talking to voters about the everyday issues they are facing and presenting the case for how we will Take Back the Commonwealth in November,” Sears said.

Sears’ announcement states, “On the campaign trail, Winsome Sears will be addressing the most pertinent issues, including how Republicans will win again, ballot box integrity, the Democrats’ assault on the Second Amendment, as well as the records and lies spread by her Establishment opponents.”

Sears’ tour will be a five-day, multi-stop tour from April 26 through April 30. For a full list of stops, winsomesears.com/rv-tour/

Snyder’s campaign has not yet released specific locations or the names of the ‘conservative outlaws,’ but they have released the following schedule: April 26 in Congressional District (CD) 10/11,  April 27 in CD 7, April 28 in CD 10/11,  April 29 in CD 4, April 30 in CD 2, May 1 in CD 9, May 2 in CD 8,  May 3 in CD 3, May 4 in CD 1, May 5 in CD 6, May 6 in CD 5, with a final unannounced stop May 7. For more information about specific stops, email [email protected].

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network.  Email tips to [email protected]
Background Photo “Virginia Capitol” by Anderskev. CC BY 3.0.

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