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3 Thoughts to “Growing Number of Black Leaders Embrace Voter ID, Reject Biden’s Jim Crow Claims”

  1. Bill

    This is actually meant for those who cheat such as the left leaning George Soros employees. It changes nothing for the honest hard working individuals who would like to see freedom continue in this country.

  2. william delzell

    Will you apply these same rules and restrictions to suburban upper-income Tea Party whites, or only to low income left-leaning people?

  3. Dr Ken

    It is said “one cannot make sense of nonsense”. That is so true with the Democrat Party, Biden and Abrams claims. Their arguments are nonsensical, there is nothing discriminatory in having a voter produce an ID. There are no color lines in having or procuring an ID. Democrats, Biden and the likes of Abrams know full well they will be booted from office without the unverifiable and unaccountable votes.