Williamson County School System Officials Deny They Are Pushing Critical Race Theory, Critics Call it Marxist


Staff at the Williamson County School System say on their official website that they are not implementing Critical Race Theory (CRT) into their curriculum, although other people insist that, yes, it has infested the schools.

And those same people who want the alleged Critical Race Theory removed said WCS officials must withdraw from it immediately.

Tennessee Stands spokesman Gary Humble last week called WCS Superintendent Jason Golden “the enemy” for promoting “evil and godless” policies. This week Humble emailed followers and said CRT is dangerous and “you should oppose it with everything you’ve got.”

Humble wrote:

CRT is an ideology born out of the teachings of Karl Marx that says race and power are the keys to understanding American society. Instead of defining everyone by class, as Marx did, CRT defines everyone by race – the essence of racism, by the way – and sexual identity, and says if you are white and heterosexual you are part of the oppressor class (no matter if you are a poor, white male living in near poverty) and if you are of non-white skin color or non-heterosexual identity, you are part of the oppressed class (even if you are a tenured African-American professor at an elite university making six-plus figures).

CRT says that all of American life – social structures; justice, political, and economic systems; education; and religion – are founded upon race and race alone. As a result, everything in America is inherently and systemically racist.

Humble said these concepts have already entered Tennessee schools.

“It’s not enough to simply not be racist. Anti-racists must seek out racism wherever it exists (and CRT says all of American society is built on racism, so it exists everywhere) and overthrow those structures – including the family, the church, and our schools,” Humble wrote.

“CRT will not stop until it has demolished all of our institutions and our children along with them.”

Tennessee Stands, according to its website, calls on state and local officials “to restore our constitutional republic.”

As reported in February, WCS officials hired a consulting firm, Fostering Healthy Solutions (FHS), to stamp out what they call a pattern of racism within the school district. WCS officials said on their website that FHS officials will “create a culture strategy plan” to “help the district create a safe, welcoming environment for all students.”

“FHS will not be training our staff on Critical Race Theory nor is it being talked about in discussion groups with employees,” WCS officials said.

“FHS is gathering feedback and information from stakeholders.”

When previously asked for comment, Fostering Healthy Solutions co-founder Anita Foster told The Tennessee Star that, as a business practice, she does not discuss clients.

Parents told board members in February that they researched WCS disciplinary records and, going by that, racism was not as rampant as suggested. Those parents also said this move falls well beyond a school system’s primary function and might indoctrinate students politically.

School board members are paying Fostering Healthy Solutions $55,000 for a contract that ends in July. School board members have the option to renew the contract afterwards for the 2021-222 school year.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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7 Thoughts to “Williamson County School System Officials Deny They Are Pushing Critical Race Theory, Critics Call it Marxist”

  1. Debora

    I wish schools would stick to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Critical thinking comes when students are taught well. Our world is so political now. Let them grow up with a mind of their own. No politics in school.

  2. rick

    The last time I was at the school board office probably less than 5 percent were local people . Most people were from New Jersey (General Motors transplants) and from every where else in the country. I cannot explain how Williamson Co Schools has changed over the years and not for the better. Williamson County Schools has never been the ideal school system it was made out to be and marketed as. To much arrogance, money and we are smarter than you attitude. There attitude toward locals is we are redneck hicks from Tennessee and we will tell you what to do!

  3. Ms Independent

    Williamson county school system is thought to be one of the best…….NOT!!

  4. gordon

    yeah, they just change its name to something other than CRT then push the same thing. its all marxism and designed to keep people separated and at each other’s throats all the time

  5. Some Dude

    The fact quality educations are in decline… PROVES educators they do NOT have time to teach ANYTHING more than the fundamentals of education to children.

    Keep social re-programming OUT of schools!

    PS: If anything, children would be better off, with more intelligence, more awareness of everything, more knowledge, better health, and more abilities… if they were BANNED from using smartphones until 18.

    Many of us were mowing our fields with a tractor, using three-point hitch mowers, when we were eight (8). Entirely by ourselves, after being taught by father, while riding with them as they mowed. I cannot see many eight year olds, today, being nearly that capable. In fact, today’s society has declined to the point where The System would consider letting all those children mow, a felony.

    Today’s society, and government, is pushing dependence, NOT Independence. ~ That IS a problem, and that WILL BE a problem.

    1. Debora Weaver

      Amen, Brother!

  6. Don’t expect a truthful response from the anti American Left! They cannot stand the light of day.
    A lie is a useful tool tp Marxists and all of the left. Deception is the only way they can succeed.