Local Williamson County Group Describes Required Elementary School Readings That Allegedly Push Critical Race Theory


Members of the group Moms for Liberty — Williamson County (ML-WC) have detailed examples of books that elementary students within the Williamson County School System must read that allegedly perpetuate Critical Race Theory (CRT).

ML-WC said last week they want to alert parents about this curriculum called, “Wit and Wisdom.” They have published a website detailing examples of CRT within the school system.

On the group’s, website they say that CRT “teaches children to hate each other and their country.” They say that CRT curricula has “an obsessive repeated focus on race that makes children hyper aware of race.” They also say that CRT “makes children look at each other and themselves as victims, or ashamed of their skin color” and “fosters a climate of division, antagonism, and paranoia.”

The Moms for Liberty — Williamson County website cites the WCS requirement for second-grade students to read a book titled Separate is Never Equal, by Duncan Tonatiuh. The book depicts a Hispanic family’s efforts in the 1940s to end segregation in California schools.

The Tennessee Star reviewed the audio book, available on YouTube. The book portrays white children telling a Hispanic girl, who spoke English and was a U.S. citizen, to “go back to the Mexican school” and that she didn’t belong with the white students.

Separate is Never Equal also depicts white characters degrading Mexicans for supposed poor hygiene and a supposed lack of social skills.

Second-grade students within the WCS must also read books about Ruby Bridges, the first African-American child to desegregate a school in New Orleans in 1960. The book contains illustrations depicting that real-life event.

One book, The Story of Ruby Bridges, as authored by Robert Coles, illustrates “a large crowd of angry white people” who gathered outside of her school who called her names and wanted to hurt or even kill her.

Several hundred people gathered Tuesday night to complain “Wit and Wisdom,” is dark and divisive and, overall, robs Williamson County elementary students of their innocence. WCS Board Member Dan Cash presided over Tuesday’s meeting, which he held at Thompson’s Station Church.

Cash said he plans to broach these topics with his school board colleagues at the next work session, scheduled for May 13.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]




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  1. Maggie twin

    Maybe they should teach them how our Racist President was screaming during segregation that his children would be going to jungle schools, or Biden’s connection to the head of the KKK.