New PAC Seeks to Defeat Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee in 2022


Calling Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee “a member of fringe politics,” members of a new Political Action Committee announced Thursday they are mobilizing against the governor and his anticipated 2022 reelection campaign.

People affiliated with the PAC, Beat Bill Lee, published a press release on their website this week.

“Funded by small dollar donations, the PAC will use funds raised to organize hard working families across Tennessee and America to mobilize against the power grab from Bill Lee and other fringe conservatives,” according to the press release.

“This political action committee is composed of Tennesseans from all parts of the state and members include working families, single young folks, white collar professionals, politicians, and Tennesseans from all backgrounds united around the mission to beat Bill Lee in 2022. Beat Bill Lee will utilize a mixture of traditional and unconventional campaign tactics to lead a campaign against the current sitting governor.”

In the press release, Beat Bill Lee PAC Director Emily Cupples blamed Lee for seven rural hospitals closing, all-time high unemployment, and a 50 percent increase in gun violence. Cupples did not cite evidence to back up those claims.

The press release quoted Tennessee State Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville).

“Tennesseans desperately need doctors and hospitals that don’t bankrupt their families, but Gov. Lee does nothing, though it wouldn’t cost our state one penny. One million students need public schools with resources and highly trained teachers. Gov. Lee does nothing,” Johnson said.

“Too many families can’t afford food and rent, and Gov. Lee is bragging about fast low-pay food jobs and cuts to unemployment. It’s time for a change, Tennessee families need a governor who understands the kitchen table issues they face each day — not an out of touch multimillionaire.”

The press release accuses Lee of stealing public dollars “to fund an illegal voucher program” and said he “pushed the need to remove permits for guns and put guns in the hands of dangerous people.”

Lee, a Republican, defeated former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean in a 2018 blowout before he took over as Tennessee’s 50th governor.

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11 Thoughts to “New PAC Seeks to Defeat Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee in 2022”

  1. Steve Allen

    The minnows in the pond are getting excited! Why don’t y’all move away to one of the liberal states that are losing residents (due to failing liberal ideological) and leave us true Constitutional loving Americans to enjoy our freedoms? Ever since Tennessee cast off the yoke of democratic governance (oppression) it has economically flourished with continued quarterly budget surpluses. Democratic/liberal/socialist ideology is such an obvious socio-economic failure that all of you who promote it are fools. William, are you listening?

  2. william delzell

    Good for the P.A.C.! Tell me how to help support it. Let’s get this homophobic, anti-middle- and poor-class governor out of office and send him back to his megachurch!

    1. 83ragtop50

      William, Are you still living in New Mexico?

    2. Steve Allen

      William, you have consumed so much of the liberal Kool-aid that you cannot see reality. Tennessee is the land of middle and poor class America. From my interactions with people from Tennessee, of all races, they want the opportunity to work for the betterment of their lives. When President Trump was president, statically more people of all ethnic backgrounds were employed than during any other administration in my lifetime. People of all colors want to work and provide for their families, not be beholding the to the federal government for handouts and instructions on how to live their lives. If you have not already moved out of the Great Red State of Tennessee due to your disdain of it’s Conservative and Christian lifestyle, what are you waiting for?

  3. Horatio Bunce

    “One million students need public schools with resources and highly trained teachers. Gov. Lee does nothing,” Johnson said”

    There were only about 1 million public school students in the entire system in Tennessee- before they started leaving in droves last year. Is Johnson really suggesting there are currently ZERO highly trained teachers? Every single student is in need? What exactly is Knoxville doing with the $10,000/student every year?

  4. Tim Price

    Sounds like more Liberal Horse Manure meant to cover up the real evil intent of Democrats!

  5. JB Taylor

    Same thing I was Thinking, Democrats wanting to Destroy another State like the did the democrat states. We need to copy their tactics, get in the faces and scream them down. Make them back up and leave.

  6. James Hooven

    If you want to live in New York or California go ahead our governor is doing a great job we don’t need the AOC bunch here in Tennessee

  7. Trevor

    Bill Lee is a true conservative! He has lead Tennessee government much better than RINO Bill Haslam! If the liberal transplants do not like Tennessee government please move to your blue states! Tennessee will be better off without the large tax and spend liberals like the John and Jim Cooper, Council member Bob Mendez! Please pass the referendum to allow the good people of Davidson county a voice to repeal and cap property tax increases and make it easier to recall people like Bob Mendez and John Cooper! Davidson county GOP please start building a strong party in local elections so we have an election choice!

  8. ArKane

    So, the “Beat Bill Lee” PAC is just a cover for their real intentions of making TN like California. It was only a matter of timer before all the loony left transplants started throwing monkey wrenches into our state.
    1) The hospitals closed under Obama due to ObamaCare causing cuts to Medicaid. These hospitals could not afford to stay open.
    2) Current unemployment was instigated by a contagion and is turning around.
    3) There is no such thing as “gun violence”. Only people cause violence, not inanimate objects. Just like there is no such thing as knife violence or baseball bat violence. If you leftists quite opening jail cell doors like you have the border, the criminals and violence would calm down by itself. The criminals recognize the system is currently being run by wimpy weaklings.

    1. 83ragtop50

      ArKane – You are exactly correct. I am not a fan of Mr. Lee but the unsupported claims of this group are fiction at best and lies at worst. I would agree only that Mr. Lee is not a real conservative. He throws money at a failed education system with no apparent effort to require results and he exercised unconstitutional actions during the COVID fiasco. He just needs to go back home and count his money. I am looking for a real conservative candidate in 2022 to replace him.