‘Make Their Lives Hell:’ University of Minnesota Student Leader Wages War Against Campus Police

University of Minnesota Police Squad Car


During an online meeting, a member of the Minnesota Student Association Executive Board directed others to waste police resources in retaliation for perceived injustices.

“Make their lives hell. Annoy the shit out of them,” Lauren Meyers said during a Zoom meeting. “Like, use up their resources, make their officers show up to something.”

The tirade was prompted when another student asked Meyers to explain what she meant by directing others to “disrupt” the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD).

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectAccording to a Fox News report, the discussion centered around a letter sent to University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel, which demanded that Gabel instruct UMPD Chief Matt Clark to resign.

According to that letter, UMPD has not sufficiently served minority students. It accuses the school of “utilization of UMPD as a physical arm of the oppressive state to subjugate and silence community members.”

It also reportedly threatened “direct action” if the school did not meet the students’ demands, but did not detail what that means.

Falsely reporting a crime is a misdemeanor in Minnesota.

Meyer’s comments angered police and their representatives in the state.

“We’re frustrated that elected student leaders would purposefully choose to stir further division to make the campus less safe,” Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association executive director Brian Peters reportedly said.

“Actively planning to thwart UMPD by generating false calls for help is insulting to the overwhelming majority of the campus community that rely on public safety services,” he continued. [Minnesota Students Association] leaders should be ashamed – and apologize to the campus community and victims of crime on campus.”

The university also condemned Meyers’ statements.

“The University respects the autonomy of the Minnesota Student Association as an independent governance organization for undergraduate students, including the autonomy of its membership to speak freely,” it reportedly said.

“However, in this instance, the University unequivocally disagrees with the ideas expressed about disrupting UMPD’s daily work. These ideas are illegal and would directly conflict with ongoing efforts to keep our campus community safe.”

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Minnesota Sun and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “University of Minnesota Police Squad Car” by Tony Webster CC 2.0.


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2 Thoughts to “‘Make Their Lives Hell:’ University of Minnesota Student Leader Wages War Against Campus Police”

  1. Sue

    Lauren Meyers should be kicked out of school. She is advocating violence.

  2. Some Dude

    The police need to stop policing those cities where the people and politicians rise up, and repeatedly say the police are not wanted. Let the majority of voters who elected this mantra feel what that means. Perhaps ALL of the out-of-control cities (How odd, they are ALL Democrat controlled cities) need to feel what ZERO police means. Perhaps a NATIONAL example needs to be felt, for only two weeks.

    Even national politicians rebuke ALL these officers’ actions, no matter WHO is at fault, now. Even when the police perform an expert-level save, Lebron James steps in and lets the world see his hate doxx of a police officer who saved a girl’s life! All while Le bron knowingly and willingly ignores his China masters’ slavery. I am sure le bron loves his CCP’s slave-money!

    The police should QUOTE those lemon lime-lighted people as THE REASON for the police’s submission to The People’s, and voters’, will. No police is the society the voters want. Give it to them. No more police! NO more po lice!

    At this point, the police are fools to continue “spreading their hate” in these areas where the police are hated, and vilified, and threatened with personal violence, no matter what they do.

    The Democrats state, “the police are not wanted”; And, so, the police should ALL leave, those cities, counties, states. Give the people EXACTLY what they want, and EXACTLY what they voted for. In fact, it is the police’s DUTY to obey their will, and all… QUIT.

    No more police! No more police! Or strike, for two or four weeks. That could be enough.

    The nation needs to SEE the net national-level results… of looted and burned down Democrat cities all over the USA.

    And the obvious, nationwide, FAILURE of Democrat Party leadership… for it’s ONLY their cities that are on looted willy-nilly, and on months-long fire. The nation’s Democrat voters and all other’s who ONLY voted AGAINST Orange Man Bad, have been conned into ALL supporting an extreme-far-left cult.

    PS: Trillions of taxpayer-backed Dollars are being printed like monopoly money. Those trillions are going into the stock market. LOL! I hope you own stocks! Woo-hooooo! This insane print and spend policy can allow you to retire by 50!