Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Glenn Youngkin for Governor


United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) endorsed Glenn Youngkin for the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia Sunday. Youngkin is currently traveling the state seeking to secure delegate votes for the 2021 Republican Party of Virginia Unassembled Convention.

In an interview with Fox News, Cruz said that Youngkin is “the best chance Republicans have of winning Virginia this year.” The Senator touted the gubernatorial candidate by saying this race “required a new kind of leader.”

Youngkin added that this endorsement was “such an honor.”

He continued:

“We’re running the most dynamic grassroots campaign Virginia has ever seen, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to have him join me on the trail in the final days,” Youngkin said. “Republicans in Virginia are unifying behind us as more and more realize that unlike the party insiders and political hacks, I’m a leader they can trust who will win in November.”

Youngkin told Fox News that he “can’t wait to get to work for the people of Virginia and deliver conservative solutions as governor.”

In addition to the initial endorsement, Senator Cruz sent out a tweet with a WinRed donation link for Youngkin’s campaign. While the former CEO of the Carlyle Group had the strongest Q1 finance report, the coverage and financial support from Cruz’s 4.4 million Twitter following could provide additional assistance going into the final week of the nominating contest.

Senator Cruz will also be joining Youngkin Wednesday on the campaign trail in Salem, Moneta, and Lynchburg. Thursday, the two will campaign together in Danville, Chesterfield, and Virginia Beach.

The 2021 Republican Party of Virginia Unassembled Convention will be held this Saturday, May 8th, at 39 polling locations across the Commonwealth from 9am to 4pm.

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