A Majority of Americans Support ‘Vaccine Passports’ for Some Activities, Poll Finds

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by Andrew Trunsky


A majority of Americans support requiring proof of vaccinations when traveling on planes and attending events with large crowds, a Gallup poll released Friday shows.

The survey found that 57% of Americans supported requiring proof of vaccination on airplanes and that 55% supported requiring proof for events like concerts, shows and live sports. Just 43% and 45% of Americans said they were opposed, respectively.

Majorities of Americans, however, rejected “vaccine passports” for dining at restaurants, going to work and staying in a hotel. Just 40%, 45% and 44% of Americans supported requiring proof of vaccination for each activity.

The survey was published as more states plan to lift their coronavirus restrictions in the coming weeks and as more and more Americans get vaccinated, though the daily rate has slowed since April.

“Vaccine passports” became a political lightning rod almost immediately after the idea was floated, with Republicans railing against them and warning that they would infringe on civil liberties and give the government too much power. No more than 28% of Republicans supported requiring proof of vaccination for any of the five activities surveyed.

President Joe Biden’s administration also came out against them, saying that the government had no plans to require or enforce them.

The survey found that at least 62% of Democrats supported requiring proof of vaccination for the activities mentioned, with 85% saying that they supported it for air travel.

“Vaccine passports” have varied by state. Some have either implemented them or allowed private businesses to require them if they so choose, while others, like FloridaMontana and Texas, have passed legislation outlawing them in all forms.

Gallup surveyed 3,731 adults from April 19 to 25, and the poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

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Andrew Trunsky is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.




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5 Thoughts to “A Majority of Americans Support ‘Vaccine Passports’ for Some Activities, Poll Finds”

  1. lb

    Based on 3700 ppl WHO are part of a “Gallup Panel” so they are preselected and possibly prescreened for specific points of view then passed off as “random sampling” of this very narrow group.
    Another nonsense poll specifically designed and promoted to influence a position contrary to what people REALLY want–NO “your papers please” crap in the USA

  2. Mike

    I do not believe this poll. Remove all restrictions then we will see if the majority of the people will demand vacine passports before they board a plane or attend a concert or sporting event.

  3. LM

    Okay, say it is true , and that 57% and 55% of Americans really do want a commie “vaccine” passport implemented for travel and large group events. Let’s see how they’ll like paying for the tickets when the prices go up to compensate for a 45% drop in sales.

  4. Horatio Bunce

    Why anyone would believe Gallup ever again after their election polling propaganda is beyond me.

    From the survey:
    “No more than 28% of Republicans support requiring people to provide proof of vaccination to participate in any of the five activities. At the same time, majorities of Democrats ranging from 62% to 85% favor mandatory vaccine certification to take part in all five.”

    Less than 57% of the country is even vaccinated and participation dropped like a rock due to adverse events. . No way there is that level of support to force them.

  5. bill

    Really now….a majority of “people” want tyranny such as a “covid passport”. I’m not buying this bogus Gallup poll.
    The covid virus mutated faster than any of these “vaccines” were able to deal with any of it realistically. Hence why the goobermint is continually fear mongering to distance , wear the mask and lockdown our schools yet more. This insanity and fraud vaccine mandates in all but name are the mark of tyranny….not America. The more the political regressive class can keep us divided and under their covid craze they distract the people from what they have done and what they are doing. This article is all propaganda fluff for the current admin ruled by a sodden puppet.