Georgia Suspends Gas Tax Amid Shortage


Gov. Brian Kemp (R) Tuesday signed an executive order temporarily eliminating the Peach State’s gas tax, among other measures, after a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline has halted gas flow to much of the southeast.

“Today I signed an executive order suspending the gas tax in Georgia to help with higher prices as a result of the Colonial cyber attack. We are working closely with Colonial and expect for them to recover by the end of the week,” Kemp said on Twitter, attaching an official statement from his office.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism Project“The governor also announced that Georgia is increasing the weight limits for trucks transporting fuel, providing more supply for stations as they receive deliveries,” the statement said. “The order further prohibits price gouging by bad actors looking to exploit the situation.”

Kemp said the following in the statement:

“My office has been in close contact with company and industry officials since we first learned of the Colonial cyber attack over the weekend. Unfortunately, extensive media coverage has caused people to panic which has resulted in higher gas prices. We are taking action to relieve some of the cost burden from Georgians as Colonial recovers by suspending fuel taxes, increasing the weight limit for supply trucks, and prohibiting price gouging.

“We expect these measures to be temporary as Colonial plans to be fully up and running later this week. There is no need to rush to the gas station to fill up every tank you have and hoard gas. With the measures we have taken today, I am hopeful we can get more supply to stations and get through to this weekend when we hope Colonial will return to normal.”

Despite the measures taken by Kemp, and even a state of emergency declared by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) over the gas shortage, the national left-wing media has hardly picked up the story as of Tuesday morning.

The New York Times flat-out denied that long lines and price hikes were occurring, despite evidence to the contrary.

Several people, including South Carolina reporter Greg Suskin, have posted videos and images of long lines at gas stations.

Alicia Devine, a photojournalist for The Tallahassee Democrat in Florida, posted similar video, calling the situation “insane.”

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