House Republicans Vote to Remove Rep. Liz Cheney from Leadership Post



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5 Thoughts to “House Republicans Vote to Remove Rep. Liz Cheney from Leadership Post”

  1. Jay

    Liz is a dem. Say goodbye to your seat Liz!

  2. Chris

    One less gator in the swamp.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Ms Cheney keeps harping that she will never support Trump because he did unconstitutional things. But she never identifies a one of those supposed illegal actions. This sounds just like a liberal when they have no basis for a position so they start name calling or changing the subject.

    Ms Cheney did have a record of voting for Trump’s initiatives but there is more to being a patriotic conservative than a voting record. Time for Wyoming to replace her.

    1. Tim Price

      Amen sir!

    2. Ron Welch

      Precisely, 83ragtop50.
      Just like Pelosi saying they were “protecting the Constitution” from Trump, but she NEVER once cited it or quoted a word or phrase from it. Of course, no one asks Cheney, “what about the current president??” He’s allowing and facilitating the invasion of our nation while appeasing and accommodating the invaders, so why not ask Cheney about Article IV, Section 4 that “the United States SHALL…protect the States against INVASION…” IF, IF she is a Constitutional conservative as she claims, why is that and the flagrant violation of the Constitution by Biden not front and center as the current issue???!!!