Light Ohio Blue Launches Campaign to Support Police


An Ohio campaign to honor fallen police officers launched on Sunday.

The Light Ohio Blue campaign, which runs from May 9 to May 16, is aimed at honoring law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, as well as those who are actively serving. Ohio businesses and residents are encouraged to use blue exterior lights to show their support of the police.

“This May, we again ask law enforcement supporters to shine blue in honor of those who lost their lives and for those who continue to serve each day,” said Light Ohio Blue in a promotional video. “You can participate by changing exterior lights to the color blue, as well as placing blue ribbons where applicable.”

This is the sixth annual Light Ohio Blue campaign.

The campaign also names a Citizen of the Year and an Officer of the Year.

The 2020 Officer of the Year is Mark Elliott, who has served with the Marion Ohio Police Department since 2002. Elliott works with Six, his K-9 partner.

“Lt. Elliott has been active with the Light Ohio Blue campaign and has personally undertaken in making the Marion region glow blue in support of law enforcement personnel across the Buckeye State,” the campaign said. “Mark’s passion to honor his fallen colleagues and their surviving family is evident in the great lengths he takes to keep their memory and sacrifices alive.”

Chris Avondet, the vice president of Lamar Advertising Company, was named the Citizen of the Year for using  Lamar Advertising digital media billboard to promote the Light Ohio Blue campaign.

“These billboards in communities across the Buckeye State have served not only as a reminder of support to our State’s law enforcement officers while they protect our communities, but as a way to bring many more citizens into the LOB family,” the campaign said.

Read more about Light Ohio Blue here.

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Jordyn Pair is a reporter with The Ohio Star and the Star News Network. Follow her on Twitter at @JordynPair.











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