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2 Thoughts to “Surveys Show Largest Expansion of School Choice in U.S. History”

  1. Steve Allen

    Is it any wonder after all of the liberal crap including CRT that the Left is trying to brainwash America’s children with. Then you have the teachers unions, they need to be abolished, but they contribute too much money to politicians for that to ever happen. Providing vouchers to parents thereby allowing them to choose the school that will teach their children is one of the best moves states have made to fight against the immorality of the Left.

  2. Karen Bracken

    Just remember folks that school choice funded by state and/or federal money (charters/vouchers) is only choice of location but provides no real choice in what your children are taught or even worse not taught. What the government funds the government controls. So be careful when you make your :’choice” because in todays education environment there is really very little actual academic choice. You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it is still a pig.