Senator Marsha Blackburn: ‘Biden Surcharge’ the Hefty Price Americans Pay for President’s Policies


Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) blamed the “Biden Surcharge” for the climbing prices of goods in this country. Blackburn coined the term during a Senate floor session on ThursdayShe had a poster propped up next to her that read: “THE BIDEN SURCHARGE: PAYING A PREMIUM JUST TO LIVE FROM THE MOMENT YOU WAKE UP, TO THE MOMENT YOUR HEAD HITS THE PILLOW.” In a statement to The Tennessee Star, Blackburn claimed that Biden’s spending was to blame for the increasing cost of living nationwide.

“President Biden has recklessly spent American tax dollars throughout his first 100 days in office. Now, future generations will bear the burden of Biden as inflation catches up and grips our nation,” said Blackburn.

On the Senate floor, Blackburn excoriated President Joe Biden for the effects of his increased spending, as well as for neglecting infrastructure like bridges in favor of advancing an agenda.

“Did you notice higher prices for food, fuel, the list goes on… That’s called the Biden Surcharge!” wrote Blackburn on Twitter.

Nationwide, the price of utilities, gas, groceries have increased in the first 100 days of the Biden administration. Blackburn explained that issues with the truckers over increased gas prices would lead to the consumer paying increased prices for goods.

“Even basics in the produce section at the grocery store are beginning to get out of reach. It’s affecting basic nutrition. This is the Biden Surcharge,” asserted Blackburn. “We’re paying a premium just to live: from the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning, to the time we brush our teeth and get into bed at night. The bare bones cost of living is going up thanks to these reckless spending priorities.”

Blackburn also called out her Democratic colleagues, arguing that government subsidies couldn’t help families properly. The senator noted that the Biden Surcharge policies will inevitably cause mass income insecurity.

“The Biden administration is creating a perfect storm of income insecurity, shortages, and the uneasiness that comes when Americans see more month at the end of their money than money at the end of the month,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn’s solutions to the current economic problems included economic recovery, supply chain security, cyber security, and only spending on narrowly-defined infrastructure.

“The American people cannot afford all the extras that are on the Democratic Party’s wish list. Their income can’t keep up with the inflation that is hitting their pocketbook every single day of the week,” said Blackburn. “I would again ask my Democratic colleagues to step back from the money printer and recognize the effect all this spending is having on American families.”

During her address on the Senate floor, Blackburn also remarked on the current Middle East conflict. She denounced Hamas and its supporters for engaging in terrorism. Blackburn asserted that Israel had an absolute right to defend itself.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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5 Thoughts to “Senator Marsha Blackburn: ‘Biden Surcharge’ the Hefty Price Americans Pay for President’s Policies”

  1. 83ragtop50

    She runs her mouth so much I do not even hear her any more. Time to vote her out of office with the hope that her replacement might actually get something done besides strutting in front of TV cameras and authoring DOA bills.

  2. Mark Knofler

    The feckless and weak Marsha Blackburn at it again. Sooo good at the talking points, sooo weak at actually getting anything done. Time to put this one out to pasture. #VotetheBumsOut

  3. JRin

    Maybe if Marsha hadn’t voted to accept the Electoral College results without first having a valid audit, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Talk is cheap.

  4. Ms Independent

    Disappointed she supports Mr Lee and his decision not to help unemployed people in Tennessee due to mandatory shutdowns by him.

  5. Nancy

    Marsha, please take a look at your senate leadership Mitch McConnell supporting more deficit spending! Just last week McConnell stated he could support 800 billion infrastructure spending! Marsha your continued support for RINO/warmonger McConnell puts you further out of step with Tennesseans! Since you have been in Washington, beginning in 2003 the national debt has gone up 10 times! What have you done other than support RINO Mitch to help every day Tennesseans have a better life with less national debt? You promised Tennesseans you would support Ted Cruz with the Election integrity act and you did not keep your promise to Tennesseans and instead voted to support the Washington DC swamp! I hope you decide to retire before your next election! You have become much more loyal to Mitch McConnell then Tennesseans!! Disappointed voter