DeSantis Vows More Action Against Critical Race Theory


After a teacher in Duval County was fired for violating the ban on Critical Race Theory in the classroom, Florida’s governor has promised even more action against the practice.

“If we have to play whack a mole all over the state stopping this critical race theory, we will do it,” DeSantis said in a Friday press conference. “You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectCritical Race Theory teaches left-wing ideas like “White privilege,” “institutional racism,” “microaggressions,” and “intersectionality.” The practice has exploded on college campuses across the country in recent years.

But critics argue that such curriculum is divisive, and that it pits White students against minority students.

“It’s offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory,” DeSantis said Friday. “That they would ask to fund teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other. We’ll be taking action. Don’t you worry.”

His Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, weighed in on the issue Friday.

“Governor DeSantis has made clear his position on CRT. It is divisive, irrational, and has no place in our classrooms. CRT is rooted in Marxism, an anti-American ideology that has caused untold suffering and death everywhere it has been implemented. Moreover, CRT teaches discrimination based on ethnicity and racial background,” DeSantis’ Pushaw told Epoch Times.

Republican-led states across the country are launching battles against the practice.

Tennessee’s legislature passed a bill earlier this year that was similar to Florida’s.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) spoke out against Critical Race Theory earlier this week, directing his State Board of Education to “take immediate steps to ensure that Critical Race Theory and its dangerous ideology do not take root in our state standards or curriculum.”

A bill that would ban Critical Race Theory in Texas passed the state Senate Friday, and is headed to the state House for review.

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