Commentary: Democrats and Their Fear of Election Audits

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by Charlie Kirk


Democrats are positively terrified of election audits that aren’t completely controlled by the political establishment. If there’s a chance an audit might reveal meaningful information, you can bet Democrats (and certain weak Republicans) will stridently oppose it. The only audits Democrats and their allies support are the ones designed to rubber-stamp previous conclusions.

The increasingly desperate attacks on the ongoing audit in Maricopa County, Arizona—particularly those intended to undermine the credibility of the auditors—show just how much the Democratic Party establishment fears the whole process. Their entire argument is based on sarcasm, scorn, and scare quotes.

The auditors are inspecting the paper that ballots were printed on? They must believe in a far-fetched conspiracy theory!

The auditors are checking to make sure the ballots don’t have watermarks that are not supposed to be there? They must be members of fringe online message boards!

The audit is being funded primarily by private donations? It must be an elaborate “grift” rather than a serious fact-finding effort (not to mention they need the funds to fend off the litany of lawsuits they’re facing).

By smearing the auditors as corrupt and/or inept, and the audit itself as a partisan stunt, leftists are hoping they can discredit the process and convince Americans to stop asking pesky questions about whether any laws were broken or procedural loopholes exploited during the 2020 elections. That’s the way people respond to questions when they don’t want anyone to know the answers.

It’s not just the Arizona audit, either. Democrats and their media allies are already fully engaged in a crusade to preemptively impugn the legitimacy of any audits that might be conducted in other states, describing conservative support for audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere as “a bid to bolster former President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.”

If they really believe the 2020 elections were “the most secure in American history,” then they should welcome audits as a way of substantiating that claim. Indeed, they should even be celebrating audits run by Republicans, since their conclusions will carry so much more weight with GOP voters. That said, the Arizona auditors have practically been begging Democrats to participate, but the Democrats have only been interested in attacking the process from afar.

Neither should the Democrats be afraid of incompetence or chicanery. The American people are savvy enough to see through a poorly crafted deception, especially since the mainstream media are already doing everything in their power to find flaws in the audit process they can expose. And again, the auditors repeatedly have invited their critics to engage in constructive cooperation, only to be met with hostility.

Even as they attack the audits, liberals also love to argue that they’re redundant and unnecessary, pointing out that election officials in Arizona and Georgia have already conducted their own post-election audits. They always neglect to mention, however, that these were partial audits, not comprehensive reviews like the one being conducted in Maricopa County. They also leave out the fact that they were designed to validate what took place, rather than identify potential vulnerabilities in the election process that might have been exploited.

We have laws for a reason, and if laws were broken during the 2020 election, then the American people have a right to know what happened and why. Maybe there was no fraud—but watching state and local election officials pat themselves on the back for a job well done does nothing to dispel widespread public concerns.

Democrats claim that election audits like the one in Arizona are an existential threat to democracy, but it’s difficult to see how that could be the case unless they reveal that our elections have been hijacked by political partisans.

Every time you see a liberal melting down about election audits, just ask yourself: What are they so afraid of?

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Charlie Kirk is the founder and president of Turning Point USA and host of the top-rated podcast and nationally syndicated Salem radio program, “The Charlie Kirk Show.”
Photo “First time voter” by Karri VanKirk CC 2.0.








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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: Democrats and Their Fear of Election Audits”

  1. Lars2021

    I fear all this is going to end in violence or civil war. Once the extent and the players of the stolen election are uncovered and the total lack of action by the the Justice system. in response to it. There is really going to be an insurrection. When the majority of the population finds out they have been completely invalidated and told they have no choice but to accept totalitarian rule. There will be a revolt. It is why they are going after the guns and trying to demonize white conservatives as domestic terrorist. Basically they are saying if you voted for Trump you are a terrorist. We have a 120 million criminals that are not burning cities , looting or shooting each other on a daily basis. We the non violent majority are the problem and they are trying to control us through fear and social intimidation. I fear that the more volatile elements of that majority is not going to accept the the reaction to the facts coming to light. Even though the the election being stolen will be proven a fact . The Democrats in Washington will not give up power. It is why they faked the “insurrection” on Jan 6th. They insured that people got into the capitol and planted FBI agents attempted to escalate it to violence. They did not call in more police even though it was requested dozens of times by al the city officials. But Pelosi said no. Then the next day 30,000 soldiers in DC. They knew then that they stole the election and prepared to screw everyone then fortified themselves in the Capitol because everybody knew that Biden getting elected was not possible. They knew that they were starting a civil war and it is still coming and they know it. Our government was overthrown on November 3rd 2020 from within by global communist seeking a one world government. They know that at some point there will be armed resistance to this. I am scared and concerned for my loved ones when this comes to a head . and it it will….

  2. Jay

    The establishment Republicans don’t want the answers either otherwise Mitch would be supporting the effort that could flip the senate. We have been sold out by both parties.

  3. mikey whipwreck

    dems fear their crimes coming into the light, plain and simple.

    that is why they believe you should have to have a background check to buy a gun but not even an ID to vote.

  4. Steve Allen

    This is one of the biggest reasons the donks are going to loose big in 2022, and they know it. They stole the election, which is one of the most sacred rights of a free society. I have been wondering how so many female democrats got elected to the position of mayor in so many major cities, most of which have sky rocketing crime….because the donks cheated! The sad part of all of this is that they will never be held accountable, just like the Chinese and their virus. Look at the Clinton’s or any other wealthy politician…like Mr. Magoo and his son Hunter. They should be in prison.