Former Congressman Jim Renacci Announces Plan to ‘Put Ohio First’

Jim Renacci


Businessman Jim Renacci is calling for a change in Ohio policies that are currently in place, which he argues are leading the state in the wrong direction.

The former Congressman released his own detailed plan to “put Ohio first” and reverse the current policies trends overtaking the state.

“I’ve been talking to Ohioans across the state for over 3 years and Ohio is on the wrong path,” he said in a tweet.

“We need republican principles and policies to prevail. We need to follow our constitution to prevail,” the tweet continued.

The first phase of Renacci’s plan is detailed on his website. The plan calls for a wide range of changes to take place in order to spur economic movement and eliminate government waste.

Renacci’s website lists a dozen reforms and actions that need to be taken. One key position the former lawmaker argues is that Ohio must reform the state’s education system to eliminate Common Core and Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachings. Additionally, he calls for full tax reform. In this tax reform, the state’s income tax would be lifted over the course of 10 years — a popular trend among conservative states.

Further, the proposal calls for a reduction in government spending, state pension reform, and eliminating the state’s quasi-government economic development agency, “Jobs Ohio.”

While he has not yet launched a formal campaign effort, Renacci’s plan could be another indicator of his ambitions to challenge Governor Mike DeWine in a potential GOP primary race. Renacci has been vocal in his concern over the direction of DeWine’s policies.

Recent polling demonstrates Renacci has a high chance to overtake DeWine. The poll, highlighted by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, shows Renacci with a 20 point lead over DeWine in a hypothetical head-to-head contest.

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Photo “Ohio State Capitol” by J. Stephen Conn CC 2.0 and photo “Jim Renacci ” by Jim Renacci.



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