Bill Lee Does Not Enforce a Conservative Refugee Policy, Tennessee Stands Warns


Members of Tennessee Stands told supporters in a newsletter this week that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is weak on immigration and refugee resettlement issues.

“We have a crisis at the border and it’s undeniable. And while there are many areas we could point to regarding the Lee administration where things are not always what they seem, one of the most glaring for most of his time in office has been immigration and refugee resettlement. Lee is weak on enforcing a conservative immigration policy and has a propensity to use the guise of Christianity to support refugees pouring into our state,” according to the newsletter.

“But Christian charity does not necessarily have to lead one to believe that we must open up Tennessee as a hospitality industry to the hurting around the world. But Bill Lee has kept this issue front and center. Towards the end of 2019, the Trump administration gave states the ability to opt out of the federal resettlement program. But what did Tennessee’s governor do? He made a firm commitment to remain in the program.”

Tennessee Stands, according to its website, calls on state and local officials “to restore our constitutional republic.”

“At the time, there was a movement of pastors led by the Evangelical Immigration Table and one does not have to look very deep into the list of supporters to see that the effort is led mostly by a progressive form of Christianity that is hardly biblical. One of the group’s supporters is the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), led by heretic, Russell Moore (who recently announced his departure from the organization). It is worth noting that the ERLC is largely responsible for working to integrate Critical Race Theory into churches across America, most notably the Southern Baptist Convention,” according to Tennessee Stands’ newsletter.

“And now here we are in 2021, and Chattanooga is at the center of the immigration crisis with buses and airplanes filled with illegal immigrants being sent to a local center right here in Tennessee by the Biden Administration. And apparently, we are to believe that this has taken the Lee administration by complete surprise. So, no one knew what was happening? This is interesting because the Migrant Detention Center in Chattanooga where these illegals are being sent is a center that has received approval from the Lee administration. This is not some secret hideout that no one knows about.”

Multiple airplanes carrying unaccompanied migrant children from the southern border landed late at night on multiple days at Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center. Upon arriving in Chattanooga, dozens of migrant children boarded multiple buses to transport them to various locations.

One of the bus companies that picked up the migrant children said they were sent to the Chattanooga Air Center as part of a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. The company added they have picked up migrants at multiple locations across the South — including Atlanta and Mobile. Over the past months, multiple migrant children have stayed at the Tennessee Temple dormitory in the Highland Park area of Chattanooga. It is unclear how many of the most recent migrants were located to this area.

Tennessee Stands said in the newsletter that “our foster care system is broken as it is with many people throughout the state being underserved.”

“And regarding education, this is certainly going to invite more federal dollars and federal programs propping up our schools to solve problems that we should not have in the first place. This is an invitation for more government intrusion and more progressive policy in Tennessee,” the newsletter said.

“This needs to stop. And it needs to stop today.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]









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5 Thoughts to “Bill Lee Does Not Enforce a Conservative Refugee Policy, Tennessee Stands Warns”

  1. william delzell

    What you call conservatism is simply ignorant bigotry.

    1. Steve Allen

      What you call liberalism is simply ignorant stupidity.
      For example, I had a conversation with an obviously liberal person who claimed that those who counter protested a BLM protest in out town were all racists just because they were white. I was there, and first off, half of the BLM protesters were white. Numerous people I spoke with flat out told me their issue has nothing to do with race, it had to do with BLMs socialist/marxist ideology. Every time liberals find fault with someones beliefs, we’re always racists. How totally ignorant.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Mr. Lee is failing Tennesseans on may fronts. Starting with hiring Schwinn as director of schools without any pretense of a review of her liberal background her apparent misconduct in other states. The next big item was indeed his unilateral decision to continue accepting refugees in order to pad the bank account of Catholic Charities while squandering taxpayer dollars as the arrivals get all types of government welfare much less the major economic and quality of education impact of Tennessee public schools. I hear from my state rep that Mr. Lee is a “good man”. I will take a not so good man who actually governs well.

    Lee is toast in the next election.

  3. Steve Allen

    While compassion is admirable, it cannot over ride fact that the whole border crisis is the result of yet ANOTHER failed democratic policy. Thousands of illegals are streaming across the border and are being turned loose in America with no court date, not that they would show up anyway. As this crisis is the making of the democrats, all of these illegals should be sent to democratically controlled states, like Vermont. Vermonters are so pious and self righteous when it to people of color, yet they are one of the whitest states in America.

    The fact that so many 3rd world countries are so poorly run and are controlled by corrupt socialists is not Americas responsibility. You cannot tell me that when these people come to America that they are going to turn into conforming citizens by learning English, getting jobs and actually paying taxes (instead of sending their under the table earnings back to where ever they came from), and becoming contributing members of society. People who immigrate here legally have a vested interest in becoming U.S citizens, and allowing this constant stream of illegals in is a slap in the face to legal immigrants.

    While there are many policies that Governor Lee and I are in agreement on, this issue of allowing illegal immigrants to be located in Tennessee may very well be his downfall next election. By welcoming these people into Tennessee you are supporting the democrats failed and illegal open borders policy and indirectly supporting the open borders socialist agenda of the UN.

  4. Ms Independent

    And takes away federal unemployment. benefits from people who lost thru NO FAULT of their own. Worst governor ever!!