Biden Administration Finally Offers Response to Migrant Children Being Flown into Tennessee


The Biden Administration responded through White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last Friday concerning reports of migrant children being flown into Tennessee. Psaki offered some remarks – though she refused to answer whether the Biden Administration purposefully ignored Tennessee leaders’ wishes when it came to housing migrant children.

During Friday’s White House Daily Briefing, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed Psaki about how the Biden Administration appeared to ignore Governor Bill Lee’s decision to decline housing unaccompanied migrant children in Tennessee.

“The governor of Tennessee says that he was asked and he declined a Biden Administration request to house unaccompanied minors,” stated Doocy. “And in [the] coming days – or in recent days, there have been some reports that at least four planes filled with unaccompanied minors landed in his state, some in the middle of the night. Can you explain what’s going on there?”

Psaki evaded the fact that the Biden Administration ignored Lee’s request not to house unaccompanied minors. She claimed that these minors were just traveling through the state.

“[O]ur objective is to unite these unaccompanied [migrant] children – children under the age of 18 – with families, with sponsor families. So children traveling – were traveling through – have been traveling through Tennessee,” said Psaki. “They’re simply on their way to unite with relatives and sponsors – to meet sponsors in the state, or just traveling through Tennessee until they reach another destination to unite with family members or legal sponsors. As you know, geographically, it’s right in a place where it – you know, there’s a lot of states around it, so it’s a place where some flights have gone through as children are moving to other destinations.”

Doocy pressed Psaki about whether federal officials were trying to sneak these transportations past state-level officials. Psaki refused to answer.

“I think I’m confirming here that Tennessee is a state that is right near the middle of the country and some kids have to travel through there to get [to] their destination,” said Psaki. “And we’ve been very clear that our objective is to treat these kids humanely, get them to safe homes, especially homes of loved ones and sponsored families.”

The U.S. Department of Human and Health Services (HHS) still hasn’t responded to The Tennessee Star regarding additional reports of migrant children being flown into Chattanooga.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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13 Thoughts to “Biden Administration Finally Offers Response to Migrant Children Being Flown into Tennessee”

  1. Tammy

    How do we know these children will not end up as child trafficking. Biden Harris Pelosi are traitors and should be arrested for treason and crimes against humanity along with gates and fauci

  2. Steve Mason

    I’d like to see some leaders with the pro activeness to gather them and send them right back to the border, or across the border.

    1. Jack Sooner

      I also would like to see that!! Looks like all of these “children” or most of them are older than 17! These are grown men!! They could be drug dealers, traffickers, or members of that M-13 gang! How would we know??
      Those “children need to be sent back!
      Governor Lee and all the other big shots who are suppose to be listening to “We the People”, better do something quickly! 4 plane loads have already landed! That’s probably all of the 700+ children who were in Long Beach! Send them back or hose Big Shots won’t be our Senators or Representatives for much longer!
      They better wake up and smell the coffee!!

      1. Patti

        Amen. Governor Lee should have never volunteered our state as a sanctuary state for refugees. They are busing in criminals.

  3. Kitty Lenoir

    Where are our lawmakers, pressing for truthful answers????

    1. 83ragtop50

      Apparently cowering in the shadows. Which is a common behavior for them.

      1. Cathy Lee

        Sad how awful McConnell and McCarthy are. Rinos all of them.

  4. Kevin

    Orange woman bad! Psaki is probably a distant relative of Wallace Hartley.

    Sick humor aside, what is Governor Lee, Senate Leader McNally and House Speaker Sexton going to do about this? And I don’t want to hear empty words, we need actions! Our State leaderships needs to either step up and do something to protect Tennessee OR we need to vote them out of office!

    1. Expect empty words!
      Deeds speak louder and clearer than words, so far all we have is muted voices!

    2. Cannoneer2

      Session is over, and it’s time to remodel the home office with the new increase in office allowance! Don’t expect them to lift a finger.

  5. “Psaki evaded the fact that the Biden Administration ignored Lee’s request not to house unaccompanied minors. She claimed that these minors were just traveling through the state.”

    Yeah, the road to America begins at the doors of Chattanooga. Grandma used to tell me that all the time.

  6. Benjamin Taibi

    She is lying, Our governor is not doing anything about it, which I would consider cooperating with this mess and how do we know where these kids are going since the administration is not known for follow up, just overwhelming us with illegals. They could be assisting in child traffic since they do not check papers or details.

  7. mikey whipwreck

    lying liars lie, thats what they do