Tennessee Legislature Committee to Probe Migrant Relocation


Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally and House Speaker Cameron Sexton will create a Joint Study Committee on Refugee Issues within the Tennessee General Assembly that will investigate refugee resettlement and immigration in the state of Tennessee.

The establishment of this new committee comes in response to numerous reports of the Biden administration flying unaccompanied immigrant minors through the Chattanooga airport in the early hours of the morning. Many state officials have spoken out against the move by the Biden administration.

In a statement emailed to the press, Lt. Gov. McNally said, “When the federal government abdicates its responsibility to control our borders, states must step in. Through ineffectiveness, inattention, and incompetence, the Biden Administration has allowed our borders to be overrun.” He continued “Everyone coming into this country should be properly screened and vetted and there must be openness, transparency and communication between the federal government and Tennessee about how many refugees, migrants and immigrants are entering Tennessee, where they are coming from and where they are going.”

The scope of the committee will allow lawmakers to probe the number of migrant children permanently relocated to Tennessee. Additionally, they will investigate the financial impact of the relocated migrants.

“We must have transparency to address the concerns raised by both members of the General Assembly and Tennesseans. I am in agreement with Gov. Lee not to accept any unaccompanied migrant children. I appreciate Lt. Gov. McNally, as well as all those serving on the study committee for their partnership in shining a light on the federal government’s secretive immigration practices,” Speaker Sexton added.

State Sen. Dawn White (R-Murfreesboro) and Rep. Dan Howell (R-Cleveland) will serve as chairs for the committee, and it will be composed of five members each from both the House and the Senate.

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5 Thoughts to “Tennessee Legislature Committee to Probe Migrant Relocation”

  1. Katgoods

    As of May 28th, another shipment was sent to McGee Tyson airport in Knoxville. Buses were waiting for all the folks from who knows where. Of course no one heard about it until the deed was done.

  2. Rae

    Everybody who came after Biden took office needs to be returned to their home country. If we fail to do that we will only encourage more of the same.

    I moved to Tennessee to be in the company of those who appreciate the American system. We have a Red State, and we need to keep it that way. I left a Blue State – and it was made blue by legal and illegal immigrants who overwhelmingly vote with the Democratic Party.

    Enough of this madness! America will have nothing to offer the world by way of an example if we allow ourselves to be disenfranchised by some false notion of compassion.

    Why would we expect Hispanics to have the same appreciation for our ancestors and our system of government?

    Immigration is a war on the American people. All of it should end until America gets her own house in order.

  3. Steve Allen

    The donks are taking their marching orders from the UN, specifically the UN’s open borders program that says anyone from any country has the right to live in whatever country they choose. Gee, let’s think about that for a minute. Many countries in the third world are such poor places to live due to ignorance and corruption. So the UN’s plan is to let the third worlders flood into the developed countries instead of correcting what’s wrong with their own countries. Just look at what happened in European countries like Sweden and France after they welcomed the flood of immigrants from Northern Africa. Violent crime has exploded and there are parts of cities that law enforcement won’t even enter (Malmo, Sweden for example). I’m sorry but I am strongly against the reduction of the quality of life in America so that someone from another country can illegally enter and live here. This is why PRESIDENT TRUMP was loathed by the left and the globalists, because he believed in America first for Americans.

    I have no issue with legal immigration, but allowing hundreds of thousands (millions by now) of people to stream into our country without restrictions or background checks is compete idiocy. How many more Molly Tibbetts’ and countless other innocent people are going to be sexually assaulted and murdered by the criminals that is illegally entering our country? The left has absolutely no regard for American citizens; they only gain self righteous satisfaction by their belief that they know what’s best for the rest of the world. But of course these same politicians in Washington are so wealthy that they have armed security, live in gated communities, and are so isolated from the realities of life that they are/will be totally immune from the results of their self righteous benevolence. And then, as is the case with so many other threats from the left to our security and safety, they want to deny our ability to defend ourselves by taking away our Constitutional right to own firearms. Go to hell.

  4. JRin

    By the time a commission figures out what’s going on, we’ll be over-run.

    1. 83ragtop50

      JRin – So true, if they actually perform their due diligence and identify the failings at the state and federal level. I surely do not trust Lee with doing anything more than more lip service. It is way beyond time for AG Slatery to start filing lawsuits. But, of course, he is not a leader and a very poor follower as well. Tennessee needs and deserves better leaders.