Metro Nashville City Council Considering Increase on Sales Taxes Downtown

Downtown Nashville, Tennessee


The Metro Nashville City Council is considering a resolution to increase downtown sales taxes for generalized safety and cleaning. This .25 percent increase would apply to the Downtown Central Business Improvement District (CBID), and would result in an estimated $2.4 million in revenue. The Tennessee General Assembly authorized the increase during this past legislative session.

The resolution didn’t include an exhaustive list of what safety and cleanliness measures would be funded with this sales tax increase, but did note that it would include public safety, social services, and sidewalk cleaning. Additionally, the resolution noted that the funds would be deposited into the city’s event and marketing fund to assist in promotional materials and the recruitment of major conventions and group meetings.

Those exempted from the tax increase will be professional services, tourist lodging, sporting event tickets, live ticketed events, alcoholic beverages, newspapers or any other print publications, and overnight or long-term parking.

The Nashville District Management Corporation Board, which oversees the CBID, would appoint five individuals to an advisory committee, if the legislation passes. Eligible representatives on the committee will include two hotels with retail businesses, a Second Avenue retail business, a Broadway retail business, and an attraction retail business.

The Tennessee Star inquired with the resolution sponsor, Councilman Freddie O’Connell, what prompted the need for increased safety and cleanliness, and why .25 percent was considered an ideal amount. O’Connell didn’t respond by press time.

As the resolution noted, the city council last adopted an increase of the exact same amount in 2013.

The council is expected to consider the resolution during their meeting next Tuesday. If the council chooses to adopt the resolution, it will go into effect on July 1.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Downtown Nashville, Tennessee” by DAMFrederich CC 2.0.






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5 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville City Council Considering Increase on Sales Taxes Downtown”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Just another reason, as if another is needed, to stay out of Nashville. I will take my business to Kentucky.

  2. Kevin

    I can hear Mini Cooper and his City Council cohorts saying, “If we only had more money we could…” Yeah, be like Baltimore, or Detroit, or Newark.

    And why the h-ll did a super majority of Republicans in the State Legislature allow an increase in sales tax? As inflation hits, and prices rise, sales tax revenues are already going to go up!

    These Dumocrats will do ANYTHING to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs! And it seems like the Republicans are right there helping! Vote them all out!

    1. 83ragtop50

      Kevin – To answer your question.. The supposed GOP super majority is a gutless bunch that rules as if in a blue state. Lots of bravado and virtually no real conservation actions. Does that remind you of Lee? It sure does me.

  3. Some Dude

    That’s how Democrat leadership does it! Raise taxes as city crime and other city problems rise!

    Hint: Your Democrat Leadership is ripping you off.

    The city of Nashville is going down. Down the path of Liberalism. Along with all the other Democrat controlled cities all over the country. Do NOT let Nashville follow! you WILL regret it, later, after it is too late. After all the money, and businesses, have fled.

    If this state is ruined by the populations of Nashville and Memphis changing the entire state, as they have Oregon, and California, I will remove myself and monies and TAXES. So will many others. Though I WILL maintain all my TN property holdings, and happily charge the remaining TN Democrats an extra arm and a leg for all those leases. The money will leave any ruined state, to be with me, and be spent in whatever state is NOT ruined by the Democrat Party.

    Realize, Joe Biden only needed to win 17% of America’s 3,141 counties to win. 17%. The DEMs only needed to winsteal the cities, to change to entire course of the USA. They will do the same to Tennessee; they will use cities to out-populate ALL the rural areas and change the state’s course, too. ~ It IS happening, faster than ever before, as Democrats flee their failing cities, and states, to come to other Democrat cities, like Nashville.

    Nashville is becoming New York City, as Nashville’s rising crime already indicates.

    But, I am sure Democrats spending more of your money will help. They promised the same things in Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Portland, etc.

    — In the end, Nashville WILL get what it PAYS for.

  4. rick

    Commie Queen Cooper and his Council Comrades, there will never be enough of somebody else’s money for them to squander. What a terrible Mayor!