Metro City Council Resolutions Propose to Make June ‘Nashville Pride Month,’ One Week in May ‘Black Restaurant Week’


Metro Nashville City Council is considering two resolutions, one declaring June to be “Nashville Pride Month” and the other reserving a week in May as “Black Restaurant Week.”

The first resolution declared that LGBTQ+ communities add to the Metro area’s quality of life. The resolution said that it would also recognize the 33rd anniversary of the first Nashville Pride event. If adopted, the Nashville Pride Board of Directors would receive an official copy of the resolution.

The resolution was sponsored by council members Zach Young, Brett Withers, Emily Benedict, Russ Bradford, Nancy VanReece, Bob Mendes, and Burkley Allen.

The push to establish Nashville Pride Month comes shortly after Governor Bill Lee signed the bathroom signage bill into law, requiring businesses to inform patrons if they allowed individuals to use bathrooms differing from their respective biological sex. Around a week later, Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk said that he won’t enforce that law.

In March, Lee signed into law the transgender sports bill banning students from playing on teams of the opposite sex. The Biden Administration reportedly promised they will challenge this law and others like it across the nation.

The latter resolution concerning Black Restaurant Week explained that the pandemic caused 41 percent of Black-owned businesses to close temporarily or permanently between February and April of last year. The resolution noted that this was nearly double the national average of 22 percent for pandemic-incited business closures.

The resolution identified some of Nashville’s Black-owned restaurants: Kingdom Cafe, Minerva Avenue, Willie B’s Kitchen and Lounge, The Cupcake Collection, StrikeOut Wings, and Chef Batts and Zombie Kitchen catering.

Council members Tanaka Vercher, Joy Styles, Brandon Taylor, Jennifer Gamble, Antoinette Lee, Sharon Hurt, Delishia Porterfield, Sandra Sepulveda, and Zulfat Suara all sponsored the resolution.

This resolution comes up shortly after the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, and around the time of the corresponding riots that ensued. In Nashville, just as with nearly every city where George Floyd rallies occurred, the protesting devolved into rioting.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Nashville City Hall” by Nicolas Henderson. CC BY 2.0.





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12 Thoughts to “Metro City Council Resolutions Propose to Make June ‘Nashville Pride Month,’ One Week in May ‘Black Restaurant Week’”

  1. Very concerned

    Question: ” Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk said that he won’t enforce a law that Governor Bill Lee signed. What happens when a District Attorney refuses to enforce a law signed and passed by the state?

    Does a district Attorney have a higher authority than a Governor?
    Are there any laws set up if there is a rebellion like this against the state laws? Is this treason? Is this district attorney acting above the law? Can legal actions be served?

    I wonder if there is something in our State constitution that would address this?

    It’s time We the People hold our representatives accountable for their actions. I believe Mr Funk is out of line, he may have personal reasons why he won’t up- hold this law, but that is not representation of the fine people of Nashville.

  2. Nashville Deplorable

    Where’s the Black on Black violence awareness week?

  3. Tennessee Budd

    What, Trashville isn’t already the butt of enough jokes?

  4. jamesb

    born,raised and educated in nashville. in 1970 took the wise mans advice and went west.

    so glad i do not live in this bastion of idiocy.

  5. STAN


  6. Daddy

    My wife and I usually spend our anniversary up in a cabin in the mountains and sometimes spend a night in Nashville. Not now. Sorry not sorry Tennessee. I’ll keep my money in Alabama. Do you.

  7. Glad to see the council making the real important decisions there to make Nashville better. Better for what – I have no idea. But hey – who doesn’t love a little crime and filth in the streets?

  8. Ms Independent

    Both should be “canceled”

  9. Randall Davidson

    We desperately need a new city council. These “resolutions” do nothing.

  10. Kevin

    Outstanding idea! Maybe this kind of effort by the band of miscreants will solve Nashville’s fiscal, crime, and home-less problems. All they need to do now is to make September “School Administrator” week, and the schools will be miraculously fixed! And we wonder why things are so FUBAR’ed?

    Vote “YES” for all 6 iniatives of the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act, in the special election on July 27th! Elections really do have consequences!

  11. Traditional Thinker

    LGBTQ+ adds to metro’s quality of life? That’s an oxymoron considering the word of God says that this type of life style leads unto death. Years ago this nation, even though governed by the separation of church and state, made logical and normal decisions based from intellect, integrity, and biological reasoning. That however is a thing of the past. How long will it be before pedophiles, murderers, rapists,etc. receive a pride month from metro city council? Do you leaders not know that actions such as these come straight out of hell’s playbook? God have mercy upon this sin sick nation.

  12. rick

    Commie Cooper,s comrades in the city council cannot get much more useless. How about Normal American month?