Sen. Hagerty Calls for ‘Changes’ Following January 6 Report

Bill Hagerty


Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) called for security changes — recommended by a January 6th report — to be implemented in order to prevent a situation similar to that day.

“The committees have laid out what happened and what should be reformed or reconsidered. It is now time to implement appropriate changes to make sure all relevant agencies are prepared to prevent an event like January 6 from happening again,” Senator Hagerty said in a statement.

Much of the report prepared by the Senate Rules Committee and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee suggested that many threats made by individuals were not taken seriously. Additionally, the report says that bureaucratic delays are to blame for the slow response to provide assistance to Capitol Police officers

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) also urged the implementation of the suggested changes, “This report lays out necessary reforms including passing a law to change Capitol Police Board procedures and improving intelligence sharing. I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to implement the recommendations in this report that are needed to protect the Capitol and, in turn, our nation.”

On January 6, Congress examined and certified the electoral college votes of each state. Many Republicans planned to object to the certification of certain states due concerns over election security. However, the process was interrupted when demonstrators breached the Capitol.

Prior to January 6th, Hagerty, pledged to object to the electoral votes of states that many had concerns over the way their election was conducted. He told The Tennessee Star Report , “I could not Michael, in good conscience, vote to accept the results of this election when I have such deep doubts about what happened here.”

However, on the day of the vote, he changed his decision and voted in the opposite way that he had previously described.

Hagerty claimed that the reason for the flip-flop was due to the fact that they “lost all momentum.”

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4 Thoughts to “Sen. Hagerty Calls for ‘Changes’ Following January 6 Report”

  1. JB Taylor

    I still want to know who turned of the electric door locks.

  2. Karen

    Bill Hagerty would have more credability with Tennesseans if He would have kept his promise to support the election integrity act with Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Holley! Hagerty Joined RINO Marsha Blackburn and both broke their promise to Tennesseans putting the Washington Swamp ahead of Tennesseans! Hagerty and Blackburn continue to support never Trumper, RINO Mitch McConnell! Hagerty please resign since your promises to Tennesseans are broken!

    Disappointed former Hagerty Voter!

    1. CMinTN

      Absolutely! Furthermore, these people work for us. They need to be readily accessable by “We the People” so that they can be called to account for their actions that affect us all. They do not need to be locked away on high to lord over the peasantry. Looking forward to supporting challengers to our RINO senators.

    2. 83ragtop50

      Hargerty is nothing more than a retreaded aristocratic bureaucrat. He calls himself a diplomat. What he really is is a liar. See the above article if you question that remark.