Governor Bill Lee Calls for Congressional Hearing on Border Crisis

Illegal Alien Detention center


In a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) and Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) called for a hearing into the ongoing crisis at the country’s southern border.

Both governors urged the hearing largely due to reports of the Biden administration relocating unaccompanied migrant children to the states. In Tennessee, multiple planes carrying unaccompanied minors landed in Chattanooga under the cover of darkness. Similarly, Gov. Reynolds has received no answers from the Biden administration after migrants were flown from California to Iowa.

“These experiences sow seeds of mistrust in our communities, and work to intentionally subvert the will of the people for a secure border and a clear, lawful immigration process. Additionally, the lack of transparency places an undue burden on our law enforcement partners to determine whether these types of flights constitute a criminal act of human trafficking or the federally-sponsored transport of vulnerable children,” the governors wrote in their letter to Senator Chuck Grassley urging the hearing.

Since President Joe Biden took office, the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in illegal immigration at its Southern border. Many experts point to President Biden’s policy decisions as the reason for the influx. This month, Biden officially ended the “Remain in Mexico” policy enacted under President Donald Trump.

Both of Tennessee’s Senators support Governor Lee’s call to action.

Senator Blackburn said, “The Senate Judiciary Committee should immediately hold an oversight hearing on the crisis at our southern border. I applaud Governor Lee for his efforts to protect our state and the people who are being trafficked by the Mexican cartels.”

“Mayors, sheriffs, and governors are on the front lines of combatting increased human trafficking and drug smuggling, as well as addressing strains on public resources. I applaud Governors Lee and Reynolds for continuing to draw attention to these matters, asking questions, and urging Congress to perform its proper oversight function,” Senator Hagerty added.

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3 Thoughts to “Governor Bill Lee Calls for Congressional Hearing on Border Crisis”

  1. William Delzell

    If the good governor is really serious about stemming the flow at the border, he would do all in his power to change the conditions inside Central America and the Caribbean that drive people to risk everything by journeying the dangerous route to the U.S. Restore democracy, decent living standards, and a hope for the future would make these people to WANT to stay HOME instead of coming here. Also, blame EMPLOYERS in this country who bribe law enforcement and U.S. government officials to bring in these illegals as sources of cheap and exploitable labor.

    Governor Lee, instead, chooses to resort to racial and class prejudice against these unfortunate people. Not only do the dictatorships and unscrupulous U.S. employers abuse these people, but I.C.E. and D.E.A. hire child molesters and abusers in their ranks to mistreat detained children in their custody. Disgusting!

  2. Kevin

    How about Bill Lee uphold the heritage of Tennessee Volunteers, and send our National Guard to Texas to help them (and US) out? If I were 40 years younger, I’d go down there and volunteer myself.

    And you know what, I’d even be OK if we took some of the 2 billion dollar Tennessee surplus, and build a section of the wall down there, maybe put a big old plaque on it saying “Tennessee Stands with Texas”.

    Long term, these two decisions will help us all!

    1. 83ragtop50

      Kevin, I am all for helping Texas help Tennessee with Biden’s illegal and in your face border policy. Lee talks a good game, well at least part of the time, but he seems to not get much conservative actions to take place.