Rep. Buddy Carter Introduces Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in the Military


Congressman Buddy Carter introduced a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachings in the military and require a detailed report about CRT’s total usage.

Carter’s legislation, the Military Education and Values Act, would require the Department of Defense to ban the usage of any teaching methodology that promotes or causes a racial divide or lack of equality and reinstate all service members on the core tenets of the United States military.

“Our service members are the best among us. The brave members of the military put their lives on the line for our country and they should be focused on mission readiness and unity,” Carter said in a statement.

Further, the legislation requires a report be issued to Congress that details the total usage of CRT in the military and any instances where racial divides are promoted through any training or education requirements

Carter continued, “Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is forcing radical teachings on them to promote division. Even worse, the Left’s cancel culture is going after those who speak out against it. I’m introducing this legislation to ensure our military members can focus on their mission, not the agenda of the radical Left.”

Recently, Congressman Mark Green (R-TN-07) introduced similar legislation that would ban the teachings in U.S. military academies. “The United States military service academies are designed to train leaders and warriors for combat—men and women of every race, creed, and religion. Critical Race Theory’s divisiveness will destroy the unit cohesion necessary to win in combat and defend this nation,” Green said of Critical Race Theory.

Former President Trump has also spoken against the teachings of the academic concept. He encouraged Republicans “at every level” to ban CRT.

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