Rand Paul Endorses Robby Starbuck for Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District


U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Saturday endorsed Robby Starbuck for Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District.

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN-05) currently represents the district.

Paul, in a YouTube video, said he doesn’t generally endorse candidates for Congress.

“But I am endorsing Robby Starbuck because he is one of the good guys. He’s one of the guys who really will go to Washington and do as he says. He’ll vote for smaller government. He’ll vote against the endless wars,” Paul said.

“Robby knows about socialism firsthand. His family escaped socialism in Cuba. We can’t let socialism come back to our country.”

Starbuck, according to an emailed press release and his LinkedIn, is a director and producer who has worked with some of the biggest stars in film and music, including Natalie Portman, Jamie Foxx, Gina Rodriguez, and Megan Fox. He has produced more than 1,000 projects at his company RSM.

“Starbuck’s family fled Cuba as Marxism swept through the country,” according to an emailed press release.

“His first-hand knowledge of socialism, and how it is seeping into American culture through destructive ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), inspired his entrance into politics. He and his wife, Landon, have three children.”

Starbuck told a crowd of Williamson County parents last month that officials within that school district will eventually teach CRT — even if those same school officials currently deny that they do.

Starbuck said Williamson County currently follows the pattern he witnessed in California.

“It is very similar in terms of the idea of fusing together healthcare with education to what happened in California. It led us down the path of Critical Race Theory dominating everything. When you see the direction we are going I feel like my job right now is being a siren and warning where this goes,” Starbuck told The Tennessee Star last month.

“But in terms of the curriculum itself there have been issues with books that parents found to be offensive because of the racial direction they go in. I think the more important thing is they are seeing teachers going off-script from the curriculum, and that, I think, is what more parents find concerning.”

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4 Thoughts to “Rand Paul Endorses Robby Starbuck for Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District”

  1. William Delzell

    Once again, Starbuck and Company rant and rave about communism while ignoring even greater perils like racial and class bigotry, U.S. militarism where the U.S. has become the world’s greatest pervayer of violence with its 800-plus military bases the world over, Zionist militarism against Palestinian families, complacency toward Covid, and so forth. All these things are far more dangerous to the U.S. than communism. Rightwingers like Starbuck and Paul use this paranoid U.S. fear of communism to detract from the far more serious issues that endanger us.

    I am no fan of Cooper. If anything, he is really a closet Republican whose conservatism will not only fail to persuade conservative voters to support him, but which will simultaneously alienate progressives and liberals into staying home instead of voting.

    1. ArKayne

      Assuming your post is not sarcasm, your stupidity is breathtaking. Complacency to WuFlu? Complacency? Really? You leftist have been screaming racism since Trump tried to close flights from China and other infected countries. You then blamed him for not doing enough to stop it. BEFORE THAT, Obama and Hitlery decided to expand Bush’s moronic war mongering into Libya and Syria. I mean come on…Obama/Hitlery had to cover their gun running and subsequent ambassadorial assassination some how. After all, they didn’t want 9/11 retaliation spoiling y’alls God King Obama’s re-election did ya? Coooper a Republican? I have watched Jim Cooper’s career for decades. Met him once as a teen in the 80’s. I’m now 60. My dad was a hard core Teamster. I attended a Teamster meeting with him and even as a kid, I knew Jim was a huckster and a fraud. After all these decades, my Dad still worships the Demoncrat party. Like they say, “there’s no fool like an OLD fool”.
      FYI, we agree on all the military bases. We should close all foreign military bases and bring our troops home. Then set up a full blockade of our southern and Northern borders.

      If communism/socialism is so great, all the immigrants will not mind going to the closest communist paradise. I.E. Venezuela. Cuba, etc.

  2. Mark Knofler

    It’s about time this race gets attention. The AOC wing is running a Marxist/Communist candidate to unseat another weak feckless Cooper. #VotetheBumsOut!

  3. Nancy

    Good!!! finally a good person to elect over the Cooper dynasty! Coopers, the Nancy Pelosi loving power hungry family! His brother John Cooper also known as Mayor Chicken Coop, has taxed young and old heavily hurting our great city with higher property taxes! Let’s try out a fiscal conservative congressman and mayor and see if we can’t make this city even better through well managed fiscal policy! Please recall Council members Burkley Allen and Bob Mendez who proudly always support higher property taxes and poor fiscal management! Please place a referendum where the taxpayers have to approve Council pay raise and benefits! What other person gets to vote their self a pay raise? Tired of Politicians helping their self to raises and benefits!!!!