Georgia U.S. Rep. Rick Allen’s Bill Would Ban Funding for New York Times’ 1619 Project

Ken Buck and Rick Allen


U.S. Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA-12) and U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO-04)  reintroduced The Saving American History Act to ban K-12 school officials from using federal funds to teach the 1619 Project.

Allen announced the legislation Sunday in an emailed newsletter to his constituents.

The 1619 Project, a New York Times series of opinion pieces and essays, attempts to revise history with one-sided propaganda according to historians who provided feedback on the project.

The New York Times’ historically inaccurate ‘1619 Project’ aims to indoctrinate our students into believing that America is an evil country, and there is no room for that in our classrooms. We must teach our young folks to learn from our nation’s past in order to form a more perfect union. Teaching revisionist history and promoting divisive ideology will not move our nation forward,” Allen told his constituents.

“That’s why this week I reintroduced The Saving American History Act with my colleague Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado. Our legislation would ban federal funds from being used to teach The New York Times’ historically inaccurate 1619 Project in K-12 schools or school districts.”

Multiple historians have slammed The New York Times’ 1619 Project and call the reframing of history false and disturbing.

According to the legislation, the true date of America’s founding is July 4, 1776, the day the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

“The self-evident truths set forth by that Declaration are the fundamental principles upon which America was founded. An activist movement is now gaining momentum to deny or obfuscate this history by claiming that America was not founded on the ideals of the Declaration but rather on slavery and oppression,” the legislation said.

“This distortion of American history is being taught to children in public school classrooms via The New York Times 1619 Project, which claims that ‘nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional’ grew out of slavery. The 1619 Project is a racially-divisive and revisionist account of history that threatens the integrity of the Union by denying the true principles on which it was founded. The federal government has a strong interest in promoting an accurate account of the nation’s history through public schools and forming young people into knowledgeable and patriotic citizens.”

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  1. william delzell

    Rick Allen, you really have a problem with non-whites! All the Critical Race theory seeks to promote an equal playing field between all the races and to show all Americans, especially whites, the contributions that non-whites have made in the struggle to make this country are more equitable and even-handed place. Grow up!