Second Minneapolis No Go Zone Established in Uptown Called ‘Boogie World’


MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Minneapolis has a second “No Go Zone,” despite efforts from law enforcement and city officials to remove barricades blocking an intersection in Uptown Minneapolis at Lake Street and Girard Avenue. This is the second autonomous zone in Minneapolis. The other is located at the place of George Floyd’s death, which is still occupied by protesters despite the city’s efforts to clear and reopen the area.

Reports are saying that the new No Go Zone or autonomous zone, called “Boogie World,” in Uptown Minneapolis was leaving some businesses inaccessible to the public. According to one source, the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and other city officials are not returning calls from the businesses impacted, including a Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, and McDonalds.

The Boogie World autonomous zone was created after the death of Winston ‘Boogie’ Smith on June 3. Smith had multiple warrants out for his arrest and refused to comply with the U.S. Marshals who were attempting to arrest him. He allegedly pulled a gun and shot. The officers returned fire and Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

The No Go Zone is impacting several businesses in the area of Lake St. and Girard Ave. One report states that the nearby McDonald’s drive through was not accessible for a period of time.

The City of Minneapolis began trying to remove barriers midday on Tuesday, after hours of them blocking businesses. Some residents shared that they had been harassed as they tried to enter the Target located at the No Go Zone.

Reports of protesters threatening to shoot the city workers who were removing the barriers also emerged.

A WCCO reporter shared a photo on Twitter and said that there were “heavily armed police” clearing the Lake and Girard intersection.

The scene of the protest was tense as of Tuesday afternoon, as barriers had been replaced and reinforced and protesters were seen blocking streets, carrying signs, and shouting at drivers. One protester stood on a trash can as he shouted expletives about the local police force.

Protesters could be seen inside of the parking garage on Lake Street, where Winston Smith was killed. They were also constructing more barriers, hauling wooden pallets in with a truck decorated with the words “Justice for George Floyd.”

Residents of Minneapolis expressed frustration at the lack of action on the part of city government. In the Uptown Crime Facebook group, Steve Taylor shared his disagreement with the actions of Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender.

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Hayley Tschetter is a reporter with The Minnesota Sun and the Star News Network. She graduated with a degree in Communications from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul. Send news tips to [email protected]





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