Joe Biden Asks Americans to Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends and Family to the Government

Joe Biden
by Eric Lendrum


In an unsettling development, the administration of Joe Biden is asking American citizens to betray friends and family who have different political views, and report them to the government for allegedly being “radicalized,” as reported by Breitbart.

During a teleconference with the press, a senior administration official said that they were seeking “to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behavior before violence occurs.” “This involves creating contexts,” the official continued, “in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence.”

In addition to seeking tips from American citizens to turn in their friends and loved ones, the official also said that the government would be working with tech companies to increase surveillance on alleged “radicals.”

“Any particular tech company often knows its platform very well. But the government sees things, actually, threats of violence, across platforms,” the official claimed, with no evidence. “They see the relationship between online recruitment, radicalization, and violence in the physical world.” To this end, the official said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would begin implementing “digital literacy” and “digital fitness” programs, enabling the agency to detect “malicious content online that bad actors deliberately try to disseminate.”

The official concluded by noting that “we are investing many agencies of the government and resourcing them appropriately and asking our citizens to participate. Because, ultimately, this is really about homeland security being a responsibility of each citizen of our country to help us achieve.”

These declarations are indicative of the administration’s determination to double down on the debunked conspiracy theory that “far-right” and “White supremacist” domestic terrorism is the top security threat to the nation. Although Biden repeatedly made this false claim in his inaugural address, his first address to a joint session of Congress, and a press conference on June 1st, there is no evidence to back up this assertion. Many critics have instead described these claims as an attempt by the administration to justify cracking down on political opponents, namely supporters of President Donald Trump.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.






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15 Thoughts to “Joe Biden Asks Americans to Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends and Family to the Government”

  1. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Radicalize deez nuts.

  2. Ms Independent

    Time for a third party. Rhino Republicans and demorats are not invited!

    1. Tim Forman

      There’s been an alternative for 50 years. It didn’t have to be this way.

  3. joebltftz

    MY first report of a radicalized individuals would be YOU, Joe Biden & your incompetent VP. I’m betting 70 million citizens in this country agree with me.

  4. AWM

    “Big Brother” (literally) is watching you.
    This is nothing more than the Democrats, progressives, (actually RE-gressives) and leftists attempt to suppress our individual freedoms. If they don’t like who you associate with or what you say then you will be labeled a “domestic terrorist” and arrested. This is the norm in China and Russia.
    Hey Dim”s aren’t you just proud of your selection for the WH?

  5. Steve Allen

    The leftists/socialists have until 2024 to overthrow the Constitution. The history of Nazi Germany is being replayed here and now in our own country. It just astounds me, the level of stupidity they possess. How can these fools even think that America will/would just jump on board their train wreck? There are going to be so many leftists that falsely report anyone they don’t agree with, and that would apparently include the hundreds of thousands of Americans who voted for President Trump, and now are automatically racists. And of course blm and antifa will get a free pass as they are doing the violent bidding of the democrats. Hey donks, you may have cheated your way into controlling Washington for another year and a half but you are in the minority in America. The majority of Americans DO NOT AGREE with your leftist, socialist, globalist, ecotopian, wokey dokey BS.

    1. Jim Davis

      Nazi Germany fought the same people that we’re fighting now! Read a book and look into real history, not the stuff you’ve been fed!

    2. Jean

      In case you haven’t noticed our Constitution has already been overthrown. SCOTUS refuses to hear the mountain of evidence of the stolen election, the most important case in the history of our nation.

      The Communist have taken over all branches of our government without firing a shot and yet we sit and twiddle our thumbs.
      Biden and his FBLie stating that the greatest threat to America is (Non-Existent) White Supremacy should frighten all American’s into action, yet we sit and twiddle our thumbs.

    3. A

      Do you really think leftists are the ones that are going to be accusing people just for having different opinions, when historically leftists are the ones being reported. the nazis sent anyone they thought was a communist or socialist to concentration camps, and you completely forgot about mccarthyism. Also,leftists dont like the dems. We’re not “doing their bidding”,and we definitely dont agree with this reporting people thing.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Who do I call to report Biden as having been radicalized? We need to get him put away someplace. He is a threat to America.

  7. Jason

    Anyone including family who snitches to the Gestapo Feds will be gutted! We now enter the era of kill or be killed. Mind your own business or pay the ultimate price.

    1. Carrie

      Sad but true

  8. SadButTrue

    ill start. BLM, anyone pushing CRT, anyone registered with the dem party.

    ok. want any more?

  9. LM

    This is how he “unifies” the country. Ancient kings would have whole cities of male babies slaughtered because of their fears of being unseated. I wonder if that’s where Biden’s handlers are headed.

  10. Kitty Lenoir

    “Radicalized” democrat translation for “Trump supporters”.