Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Won’t Say Whether He’ll Send Resources to Protect the U.S.-Mexico Border


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and members of his staff would not say Thursday whether they will dispatch resources to Texas and Arizona to help guard the U.S.-Mexican border.

The Tennessee Star made repeated attempts Thursday to contact Lee’s Communications Director Laine Arnold — by email, phone, and text. Arnold did not return our messages before Thursday’s stated deadline.

This week Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he will answer the call of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and send resources to the U.S.-Mexico border to “secure the border and protect Americans.”

“There was a letter that was recently sent by the governors of Texas and Arizona seeking mutual aid, which we do all of the time in instances of emergency. These states have sent Florida support when we’ve responded to emergencies here in our state, and they wanted support so that they could do what the federal government is either unwilling or unable to do. Secure the border and protect the people,” DeSantis said.

“Not just their states but the entire country because of the nationwide impact that that has. Today, we are here to announce the state of Florida is answering the call. Florida is going to support Texas and Arizona. We believe that securing the Southern border is important for our country, but, specifically, we believe it’ll benefit the people of Florida to be able to get this under control. And so where the federal government has failed the states are stepping up and doing our best to fill the void.”

Breitbart reported Thursday that Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody also requested states participate in sending manpower to protect the Texas border.

“I implore other states to follow the lead of Florida, send help,” Moody said.

“You have governors in these border states sending out a call for emergency help. And I am so proud of Governor DeSantis. Florida is the first state to step up and say, look, we are sending folks to help control this chaos that is created solely due to the actions or inaction of the Biden administration. We’re doing it not only to help protect America, we’re doing it to [stem the] tide of violence and drugs into our state of Florida.”

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5 Thoughts to “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Won’t Say Whether He’ll Send Resources to Protect the U.S.-Mexico Border”

  1. Jerry W. Scott

    Governor Lee needs to be reminded what our great state motto is, “The Volunteer State”! We need a balance government in Tennessee . One sided politics cause stagnation.

  2. Horatio Bunce

    You would think the governor could use the “national guard” to, maybe actually guard the nation instead of deploying them to militarize county health departments to perform unapproved, “emergency use” medical experiments on Tennesseans.

    But then the Department of Defense is engaged in human trafficking into Chattanooga, so can the “national guard” really be trusted?

    The TSA and illegal alien American Airlines should be explaining what state-issued identification their smuggled illegals used to pass the TSA checkpoint at DFW or to obtain their boarding passes from American.

  3. Steve Allen

    Never in my lifetime have our Constitutional Freedoms been in greater jeopardy than now. Governor Lee has an obligation to the citizens of Tennessee to send support (if asked for) to the southern border of our Nation to assist in stopping the flow of people flooding into America.

    Illegal immigration is only one of the major threats that we are engaged in. The number one threat to America is the theft of the presidential election by the democrats. This illegal act is so out of the realm of Constitutional America that there is no guidance provided in how to deal with it. By the end of 2021 there will be overwhelming evidence that the Democratic Party and their members at the state level were directly involved in falsifying the results of the election. If the Supreme Court does not overturn the election, all hell is going to break loose. If that becomes the case, Governor Lee had best have the guts to stand with Tennesseans and contribute whatever forces are requested to defend our Nation from those who will attempt to defend the democrats. And this could go all the way to outright civil war or an invasion of America by the communist Chinese. Below are two links to articles that I highly suggest people read.



  4. 83ragtop50

    Mr. “Nice Guy” Lee needs to develop a backbone and send help to Texas and Arizona. He also needs to put a stop to the clandestine trafficking of illegals into and through Tennessee. It is time to stand up for Tennessee citizens.

  5. Ms Independent

    Me lee is in way over his head. He puts illegals first over Americans. Who does that sound like? Time to put rhinos out of office.