Greater Georgia Says They’ve Registered Thousands of New Conservative Voters

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Greater Georgia members announced this week they have registered thousands of new conservative voters and achieved important milestones.

Group members announced this in an emailed press release Thursday.

“Greater Georgia set out to register new voters, engage more diverse communities, stand up for election integrity, and stop the monopoly on voter mobilization by Stacey Abrams,” Chairwoman Kelly Loeffler said in the press release.

“In just four months, we’ve done that and more by building a strong foundation and delivering early results. From registering thousands of new voters to sharing our positive message with Georgians across our state and securing election integrity, we are leveraging our statewide network, experience, and infrastructure to advance pro-growth policies that lift up every Georgia family. Although we have seen tremendous progress, there is still much more work to do to build out a comprehensive platform and to strengthen our elections and our state.”

Loeffler said Greater Georgia members have met the following metrics:

• Registered thousands of new conservative voters

• Engaged more than 170,000 registered but inactive conservative-leaning voters

• Reached more than 700,000 Georgians to promote election integrity across the state

• Recruited more than 150 volunteers to date for mobilization efforts, including to knock doors, make phone calls, write letters, and serve as poll watchers in upcoming elections

• Hosted six roundtables with community leaders from the African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Indian American communities

• Held eight events in six counties across the state to register new voters, recruit volunteers, and expand Greater Georgia’s network to prepare for 2022

• Hosted nine training sessions with volunteers, many of whom are new to grassroots advocacy

According to its website, Greater Georgia members support, among other things, individual liberties, lower taxes, and educational choice.

“Georgia is a growing, diverse state, but we know millions of voting-age residents are still not registered to vote—many of whom support the conservative values of protecting individual liberties, lower taxes, better jobs, educational choice, public safety, and affordable healthcare,” according to the group’s website.

“By identifying and engaging these conservative-leaning Georgians and registering them to vote, their voices can be heard on the issues that directly impact their lives and contribute to a stronger future for Georgia.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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