Nashville Residents Repaint BLM ‘Mural’ to Celebrate Juneteenth


Residents from across Nashville celebrated Juneteenth by repainting a 350 foot ‘mural’ dedicated to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Because the painting was dedicated to the BLM movement, some residents across Nashville found the idea to be controversial. The BLM movement has ties to Marxism, and many supporters sparked riots across the country last summer.

The actions to repaint the mural had further support from the Tennessee Democratic Party. On Friday, the organization tweeted that their Chairman Hendrell Remus was assisting in the efforts. “Chair @hendrellremus had some fun in the sun today helping repaint the #BlackLivesMatter mural in downtown Nashville for #Juneteenth,” the tweet said.

After painting the works originally, some activists claimed the work was intentionally vandalized due to one set of tires left burnout marks across the bottom half of the letters.

The decision to repaint the mural follows Congress declaring the day a federal holiday — an idea which received wide bipartisan support. President Joe Biden signed the legislation on Thursday.

The recent push to make Juneteenth a federal holiday largely stemmed from President Donald Trump. Trump responded to calls from Americans on both sides of the political aisle when announcing his support for the idea. During his campaign, he pledged to make large investments in Black-owned businesses and to expand opportunity zones. At a rally in Atlanta before the November 2020 election, Trump said he “will always put Americans first and that includes very, very importantly Black Americans.”

The origins of the Juneteenth celebration are rooted from the date in 1865, when enslaved Black people in Texas finally heard that they had been freed under the Emancipation Proclamation — legislation that President Abraham Lincoln had issued more than two years earlier.

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11 Thoughts to “Nashville Residents Repaint BLM ‘Mural’ to Celebrate Juneteenth”

  1. JB Taylor

    Still racism, when you have to create a special day for one type of person. 4th of July is freedom for all and it doesn’t state a color.

  2. Kitty Lenoir

    Imagine being special only because of the color of your skin, or your preference in the bedroom. I’m a minority woman and sick of the liberal agenda. These ‘social’ causes (illnesses) are not kitchen table issues.

  3. jamesb

    at least BLM has been smeared over. cheer up another day off at the expense of the taxpayer

  4. Ron W

    “…when enslaved Black people in Texas finally heard that they had been freed under the Emancipation Proclamation — legislation that President Abraham Lincoln had issued more than two years earlier.”

    There was no legislation issued by Lincoln that ended slavery. only Congress can pass legislation. If that was a reference to “The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, that had no legal force and was ,as admitted by Lincoln’s Sec of St William Seward, a war tactic directed at Southern States, but did NOT free slaves held in Union States like Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland or Delaware. Slavery was legally ended late in 1865 by the enactment of the 13th Amendment which overturned the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scott decision. A little later, the 14th Amendment was ratified to include all persons, freed slaves,as citizens under the Constitution. BTW, it includes “the equal
    Protection of the laws” which our government and Congress VIOLATES by passing laws that apply to us but EXEMPTS THEMSELVES. That aspect of slavery persists NOW and should be ended!

    1. Boyd

      Your history is impeccable, thank you.

  5. Dr Ken

    Maybe it is time to further the tearing down of that what divides us. Statues are being removed as the left, mainly from outside the state, find them offensive and want them removed. That action tries cancel history, no matter what is removed or destroyed, that will not change the past. Perhaps it is time to remove and prohibit constructing, painting, or renaming items that divide races. Nothing more from the BLM, nothing more from ANTIFA, should be placed on public property.

  6. Kevin

    Why is the date of an event that happened in one State, Texas, now a National holiday? If you want to or need to recognize a date of significance related to slavery, why wouldn’t you recognize the date that the 13th Amendment was ratified, December 6th, 1865? Or why not the date of the Emancipation Proclamation, November 22, 1862?

    No, this “Juneteenth” holiday thing is a joke! A KNEE JERK REACTION by a bunch of politicians afraid of some leftist punks who victimized some Democrat controlled inner cities. And it played right into the hands of the Leftists who want to rewrite our history and take control of our Republic!

  7. Why not just start renting street space out to anyone or any corporation to advertise? Why not Coca Cola Way? CNN Avenue? Pfizer Freeway? And as soon as a tire track, or a used piece of bubble gum hits the surface, like they do multiple times each day, all around the world, you can cry racism, or whatever flavor of victimhood is relevant that day.

  8. Daniel Meredith

    How about celebrating when the slaves in Nashville were freed under the Emancipation Proclamation. You know, in “the war to free the slaves”?
    Oh, yeah.the Emancipation Proclamation didnt free ANY slaves in Nashville, since they were already under occupation by the benevolent North. And the Emancipation Proclamation left those people enslaved. The north cared nothing about THOSE slaves.

    Has anyone actually READ it? How Lincoln only selected CERTAIN slaves?

    “…Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, (except the Parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St. John, St. Charles, St. James Ascension, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Martin, and Orleans, including the City of New Orleans) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, (except the forty-eight counties designated as West Virginia, and also the counties of Berkley, Accomac, Northampton, Elizabeth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth[)], and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.”

    1. Horatio Bunce

      …and don’t forget the offer that if they would just give up and kiss Lincoln’s ring, THEY COULD KEEP THEIR SLAVES. Again, that would require actually reading the proclamation. Maybe even learn about “honest” Abe and Liberia. He would just as soon export all those of African descent as recognize them as equals.

      But sure, keep telling yourselves this was a war to “free the slaves”.

  9. This is Communist Terrorists anti American ideology and Americans do not support it! Tennessee Department of Transportation should remove this insult and assault on America promptly! Will Nashville now replace the American Flag with the Communist BLM Terrorist flag as they want/demand? Nashville is becoming another Democrat Communist Hell(City).
    Will we have to get passes and lectures on Communism at BLM and ANTIFA road blocks, to enter or leave the city before long?