Good Guy with Gun Stops Ohio Robbery Attempt

Guy grabbing handgun out of back of pants


A delivery driver with a concealed carry permit thwarted a robbery attempt at a Papa John’s restaurant in New Carlisle, Ohio killing one of the suspects.

The following is a transcript of the 911 call from the store to the dispatcher:

Employee: “Papa John’s New Carlisle 410 North Main Street. Someone just broke in and they were shot in self-defense.”

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectDispatcher: “Ok, somebody just broke in?”

Employee: “They came right in with weapons and tried to rob us. They’re still in here. There’s one shot and wounded on the floor. One of them ran out.” They had weapons. The one’s got a big crowbar, the other one had what looked like a knife. And they were sprinting towards us.It looked like a knife or like hedge clippers or something. They came sprinting in and ran up on us fast.”

The 911 dispatcher then instructed the employees to remain in the store until emergency crews arrived. They attempted to coach the employees on providing life-saving medical aid to the suspect who was shot, but the employees were too distraught.

Then, the dispatcher instructed the employees about what to do with the firearm that was used to stop the attempted robbery.

Dispatcher “Where is the gun at? Does [name redacted] still have it or is it put away?”

Employee: “He still has it, do you need him to put it somewhere?”

Dispatcher: “Yeah. Have him put it on a counter.”

The employee instructed the shooter to put the gun on the counter.

During the call with 911, the shooter said he was too upset to speak with the police at that moment, but would cooperate when they arrived. His name has not yet been released.

But according to law enforcement, his actions appear to be justified.

“Both the Sheriff’s Office and a legal expert say this case appears to be a justified use of force in self-defense, though that final determination will be made by the prosecutor’s office once all the facts are gathered,” WDTN reported.

The reported shooter had a concealed carry permit.

Tom Hagel, law professor emeritus at the University of Dayton School of Law explained that under Ohio’s new “Stand Your Ground” laws, the shooting appeared to be within the rights of the shooter.

“If you have a lawful right to be where you’re at, you can stand your ground and use deadly force in response to a threat of deadly force,” he reportedly said.

“If he is being threatened with serious bodily harm or death, and it is presumed that that is happening, if he is being victimized as a victim of an armed robbery, it’s assumed they’re threatening his safety, then he can use deadly force without any duty to run away,” he continued.

The deceased suspect was identified as Gage Melton, 21, Monday.

Police are still searching for the second suspect.

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One Thought to “Good Guy with Gun Stops Ohio Robbery Attempt”

  1. Tim Price

    If the one killed is of a race other than white, all Hell will likely break loose.

    Don’t know why people can’t see that a thug is a thug regardless of his/her race.