GOP Gubernatorial Challenger Renacci Labels DeWine as ‘Ultimate Never-Trumper’


GOP primary challenger Jim Renacci released a new ad on Wednesday labeling Ohio Governor Mike DeWine as the “ultimate Never-Trumper.”

“Mike DeWine is not only the ultimate corrupt political insider, but he’s also the ultimate Never Trumper with a record of undermining President Trump’s America First policies,” Renacci claimed in a statement.

The new ad features DeWine and Trump each making statements that are seemingly contradictory to one another on multiple key issues.

Many Trump allies have attacked DeWine and claimed his policies are not in line with those of President Donald Trump. Brad Parscale, one of Trump’s former aides and 2020 campaign manager, has worked extensively with Renaccci, serving as an adviser to his primary challenge against DeWine.

At a previous Trump rally, DeWine was heavily booed by the president’s supporters after taking the stage and asking all attendees to put on a mask.

Additionally, DeWine is opting to skip Trump’s upcoming rally in Wellington, Ohio in support of congressional candidate Mike Carey. DeWine cited “family conflict.” as his reason for not attending.

“He has continually put Ohio last as unemployment continues to rise, corruption is out of control, and businesses leave our state,” Renacci said of DeWine.

Renacci has also continuously attacked DeWine for his decision to engage in economic shutdowns during the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Further, he questioned the decision of the Governor to use taxpayer money to fund a lottery-style giveaway to vaccinated individuals.

“As governor, I will lead the America First movement by making Ohio first, bringing prosperity back to Ohio and ending the misery DeWine has brought to Ohioans,” Renacci pledged.

Renacci does have ties to President Trump. In 2018, Trump endorsed and campaigned with him during Renacci’s Senate challenge against Senator Sherrod Brown.

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