Nashville First in the Nation to Name a Street After a ‘Drag Queen’

The first street in the United States to be named after a “Drag Queen” will be located in Nashville, Tennessee, naming the road “Bianca Paige Way.”

The city held a dedication ceremony on Saturday after the measure was approved by the Nashville metro council earlier last week.

The road was named after Mark Middleton, a biological male who was a female impersonator under the name “Bianca Paige the Pantomime Rage” (pictured above).

Middleton performed throughout the 1980s. He passed away in 2010 after a battle with HIV/AIDS.

The decision comes after “drag queens” have been at the center of controversial “Drag Queen Story Hours,” where men – dressed in full stage make-up and wardrobe – have read books to young children at local libraries.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper celebrated the move. “Today, I joined so many to celebrate and honor the life of Bianca Paige, a Nashville legend. The first street in America, named after a drag performer, is right here in our city” he said in a tweet.

Mayor Cooper’s brother, U.S. Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN-05), was also in attendance, along with other city officials. 

This is not the first time Nashville’s elected officials have catered to the far-left of their constituency. Earlier this month, the Metro Council approved a permit by activists to repaint a 350-foot mural dedicated to Black Lives Matter (BLM), a movement with ties to Marxism.

The move was aimed at celebrating the federal government passing a law to make Juneteenth a federal only — an idea originally discussed under President Donald Trump.

The origins of the Juneteenth celebration are rooted from the date in 1865, when enslaved Black people in Texas finally heard that they had been freed under the Emancipation Proclamation — legislation that President Abraham Lincoln had issued more than two years earlier.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for the Star News Network. Follow Cooper on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]
Image “Bianca Paige” by RDBROO.


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19 Thoughts to “Nashville First in the Nation to Name a Street After a ‘Drag Queen’”

  1. Darrin R

    Vile and disgusting. Why are any of you even surprised? We are all at fault for this shit! We are DUTY BOUND to disobey all unlawful laws and lawmakers and to throw off ANY form of government that flies in the direct opposite direction of what is MORAL and RIGHT! We didn’t and since the 1913 passing of the federal reserve act its been all downhill since. Firearms are controlled. Travel is controlled. Permission is required to operate your own personal property that your own stolen income pays for. Spee h is controlled. Rain is taxed. Morality and the love of and need to defend liberty is unacceptable to be taught in school. School has become a disgusting indoctrination camp for our kids that we willingly send to! We all DESERVE this. Refusing to stand against ANY SLIGHT TYRANNY deserves the most OPPRESSIVE TYRANNY possible to be inflicted upon the ones who stood idly by.

    Also, whilst reading through all the (mostly right side wing of the banker bird who carries all of us) comments, I realized that the majority of you are all slaves to the 2 party paradigm lie meant to divide and destroy. Republicrats and Demoplicans. Every bird needs 2 wings to fly. And this banker owned nation utilizes both of those wings to their fullest extent to keep us divided. The left promotes shit like this and restrictions on liberties that CANNOT EVER be restricted. The right promotes shit like this and restriction on our liberties that CANNOT EVER be restricted. Our “elected” representatives are out of control and represent none of us and only their respective agendas. We have an out of control (and never supposed to exist in the current manner) law enforcement MAFIA that uses fear and the threat of violence if you don’t comply with politician’s opinions.. We have an out of control military industrial complex that sends kids off to murder and die for a disgusting lie like “protecting americans and ‘democracy'” when in reality they are a professionally organized hit squad for the banking elite that fund the fiat currency that all of us accepts as “money”. No military man has EVER fought for my freedom or liberties. In fact, they come back and become the liberty thieving thugs that protect and serve” us through fear and violence.

    Uhg, too much to try to educate slaves who not only willingly live in their illusion of freedom but actually DESIRE & DEMAND “state security”. I mean, what’s a few libertiesost when you can get some “security” provided by the state in the form of tyrannical political opinion enforcing liberty thieves?!? Sounds like utopia to me!

    Fkn idiots. Americans are coward compliers.

  2. John

    Definitely going to add this sign to the list of trash to vandalize the hell out of at night.

  3. Dee

    The major cities of Tennessee are becoming shitholes.

  4. Emmett Flatus

    Makes you proud to be a Nashvillian, doesn’t it?

    (That’s a joke, son.)

  5. william delzell

    Keep your own house clean before you throw rocks at gays, lesbians, ad other non-conformists. Remember what happened to Mike Bauman.

    1. 83ragtop50

      My house is spotless. No perverts to be seen. So, I am apparently free to comment on this travesty. Is Cooper so desperate for attention that he has stooped to this level? At least Berry was straight if the reports of her cemetery “dates” were correct. Yep. Nashville, San Fran of the South. What a disgrace.

    2. Steve Allen

      William: Homosexuality goes against “mother nature”. If humanity was meant to be homosexual, we would reproduce asexually. To have adult males parade around (especially in the presents of children) dressed outlandishly as women is so uncalled for. It is sick and pathetic. If individuals want to form sexual partnerships with those of their same sex, that is their own business. But to force the acceptance of homosexuality on others, and proclaim it’s acceptance politically by the federal government is totally unacceptable.

  6. william delzell

    Actuallky, Knoxville beat Nashville to the punch over a century ago, naming its chief drag (no pun intended)as Gay St. Get it? Ha ha!

  7. Bozo

    Cooper brothers must have an election coming up. Is this how you will spend our tax increase?

  8. John Bumpus

    The U. S. Constitution guarantees to the people of each State a republican form of government. It is one of the obligations of the Federal Government to guarantee this. (Art. IV, Sec. 4) Similarly, maybe the State of Tennessee should do the same for the people of the municipalities of the State. I have no doubt that there is election fraud in some of the larger municipalities (which shall remain nameless) of the State which results in all kinds of ‘maladies,’ including fiscal ‘maladies.’ Perhaps, in certain clearly defined (both constitutionally and statutorily) circumstances, the State of Tennessee should consider the appointment of a fiduciary (I will call him a RECEIVER) to ‘right a municipal ship’ that is badly listing to port for whatever the reason. The alternative is an out-of-control municipality that severely damages the entire State.

  9. Harry Titshaw

    If folks don’t wake up all is lost. How does this happen anywhere, much less in Tennessee? Taxpayer dollars paying for a program to have drag queens read stories to children in a public library? I don’t really give a rip if there are the gender confused, but to celebrate psychiatric abnormality as praiseworthy and normal is in and of itself insane. You elected this piece of work Nashville. If he remains, it is on you.

  10. Mark Knofler

    Great use of that 37% tax increase…yeah Nashville! #VotetheBumsOut!

  11. Steve Allen

    The democrats are immoral and pathetic. How can you live with yourselves? You have no concept of right and wrong. I wish someone from the left would explain why this is acceptable.

  12. Kevin

    Are you kidding me?

    With all of the true talent that has been, is in and will be in Nashville, is this really the best that Nashville has to offer? Have we honored all of the true music legends that have called Nashville “home” with streets named in their honor? Can I walk along Johnny Cash Court, Charlie Pride Place, Reba Road, or Aldean Avenue? I don’t think so!

    So all you musicians and music industry legends, past present and future, think twice the next time you’re placing a vote! The current mayor and most of the City Council are all about tearing down our city and it’s heritage, not lifting it up!

  13. Ms Independent

    Nashville is an embarrassment. Chicken coop needs to fired along with many others including mr lee.

  14. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Hail Satan. The wages of sin are death.

  15. SadButTrue

    Rome is rotting from within

  16. Witness, Nashville, setting the stage for the Democrat Party takeover over of Tennessee!

    ~ Joe Biden only needed to win 17% of the US’s 3,141 counties to win. ONLY winning the most populous counties within those contested states, same as Georgia and Arizona.

    The Democrat Party almost HAS control of the most populous counties in Tennessee. The counties of, and surrounding, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville are under DEM control. The Democrat Party has control of those cities, therefore control of their votes, and their future voting procedures; the SAME “procedures” that “elected” Joe Biden and Camel la Harris.

    Soon, Tennessee will turn Democrat Controlled, and go the ugly, self-destructive, way of New York City, Minneapolis, and Portland.

    ~ As Nashville’s soaring crime rate proves!

    I have the means to leave, and go where I please. Do you? I WILL take my monies and leave this state if it ever casts electoral votes for a Democrat, or turns Democrat. I will, however, maintain ownership of all my TN properties, and THEN charge an extra arm and a leg for the DEMs leasing them, and for those that allowed DEMs to ruin Tennessee.

    This IS happening. Tennessee IS turning Democrat Controlled.

    Realize… Democrats only needed to control 17% of America, to elect an idiot like, Joe Biden.

    —- You have been warned. Take action! —-

  17. rick

    Cooper being an old Queen himself , how appropriate and what a national embarrassment. Cooper is trash, vote every perverted politician out of office and that would take a majority of the council members along with city leadership, Queen Cooper !