Hagerty Raises Red Flags over Migrant Children Relocated to Tennessee


Nearly a month after news broke that the Biden administration is quietly resettling migrant children in Tennessee, more questions than answers remain.

“I’m pushing hard for transparency on this and the Biden administration is blocking us,” Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) said in an interview with Fox News. “You notice they move these planes in the dead of night. They’re coming in both by commercial airlines as well as private air, and the planes that we’ve found out about at least, are landing after midnight. They’re dispersing the people coming in. We’re hearing they’re unaccompanied minors. They could be adults.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism Project“We’re asking these questions right now. Are these people vaccinated? Have they been vetted? What sort of people are moving through the state? What sort of people are residing in the state?” he said.

In late May, Hagerty sponsored a bill called the Migrant Resettlement Transparency Act, meant to answer such questions about the illegal aliens being brought to the state.

“The Biden administration will not tell us how many people they are shipping into Tennessee and I’m sure this is the case across the nation,” he continued. “But there is clearly a plan in place, there’s clearly a distribution network in place to distribute the people they are processing in droves across the border into the interior of the United States and as I said, this border crisis is turning every town into a border town today.”

Gov. Bill Lee (R) previously declined the Biden administration’s request to house unaccompanied minors in the state.

The White House insists that migrant children are not residing in the state, but rather they’re traveling through Tennessee, which it insists is only a halfway point because of its geographic location.

“[O]ur objective is to unite these unaccompanied [migrant] children – children under the age of 18 – with families, with sponsor families. So children traveling – were traveling through – have been traveling through Tennessee,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in May. “They’re simply on their way to unite with relatives and sponsors – to meet sponsors in the state, or just traveling through Tennessee until they reach another destination to unite with family members or legal sponsors. As you know, geographically, it’s right in a place where it – you know, there’s a lot of states around it, so it’s a place where some flights have gone through as children are moving to other destinations.”

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12 Thoughts to “Hagerty Raises Red Flags over Migrant Children Relocated to Tennessee”

  1. Ms Independent

    Hagerty used President Trump to get elected then started showing his true rhino colors! There are a lot – too many in fact- that are liars. They care about one thing- THEMSELVES.

  2. Jay

    Yes the whole thing stinks. But hey sleepy Joe won fair and square. Right?

  3. Ron W

    Read Article III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. The latter section says in part, “the United States SHALL…protect the States against Invasion” which is being flagrantly VIOLATED and then the invaders are being appeased, accommodated and given “aid and comfort” to quote the first citation which defines “treason”.

  4. LM

    WHY is Mr. Haggerty concerned with their vaccine status and what sorts of people they are?! How about – they are NOT supposed to be here ?!

  5. Newell S Jones

    It seems simple to find out. TBI is certainly experienced in investigating and should be able to find out what is going on, where, when. Once the information is confirmed, they should meet each plane at the airport, re-board all illegals and force them to fly back to their original location.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Toothless chest thumping. Typical political theater from a RINO.

  7. Betty Lynn Duley

    I believe there is a very large facility in Chattanooga that Bill Lee in 2018 designated for housing illegal immigrants. Is it possible the draw (or one of them) to bring illegals to TN in large numbers? Why can’t we just refuse them landing privileges or refuse to allow anyone to leave the plane? If all is done under the cover of darkness, there is a reason for that.

  8. Kevin

    “I’m pushing hard for transparency on this and the Biden administration is blocking us”…

    What a joke! This is strictly political theater! Hagerty knows that his votes or statements have no influence on the Democrat-led Congress. So, now is the time to make it LOOK like he’s all conservative and that he’s for America First. I call BS! It’s pure rhetoric! Where was he (and Marsha Blackburn for that matter) on January 6th , when we needed him to stand up for us, our election integrity AND for our President?

    Come 2022, when RINO’s are back in control of Congress, they’ll continue selling our country down the river. Et tu Bill!

    1. HikerGSM

      So right about him being a RINO. He is there to do the bidding of the other RINOS. Mitt Romney? I wonder about the integrity of our (Tennessee) elections or do we have selections??

      1. Horatio Bunce

        Hard to say as long as we keep using hackable electronic “voting” machines. Been a problem in TN at least as far back as 2006 when Chicken Bucket Man beat Willie Herenton in Memphis. Search for “fraction magic” documentary. Being able to hack Memphis back then (still happening?) is equivalent to being able to hack Fulton Co. Georgia today.

  9. CMinTN

    What businesses are sheltering them, moving them, feeding and clothing them? Need to find out and publically shame them. Boycott them and make it as hard to do business here as possible. Record them, expose them, alert the communities they come to.

    1. Elena

      The governor has a lot to explain, he casually said he “opposed” thus…..that’s it?

      Governor should start deep investigation of what kind of organization are funding this, i.e. many so called christian organizations are just getting $$$$ from tax payers and NGO’s. This is actually illegal alien trafficking. Tennessee is endorsing illegal invasion by not handling this. Is not just central and south Americans is Afghanistan, China etc….many terrorist under the title “children” this is not America First.