Mankato School District Consulting Equity Group


The Mankato School District paid a group $67,000 to the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership to assess the curriculum and policies in place. The group suggested that Mankato update it’s mission statement, values, and have a “list of equity questions to ask with every major decision.”

One of the ways the group assessed the education equity was by inviting diverse parents and students to participate in online community engagement sessions. According to the Mankato Free Press, the sessions found that, “Both parents and students sought more diversity among district staff and broader teaching and celebration of the history and present contributions of Native Americans and people of color.”

The group drafted a new mission statement for the school: “Mankato Area Public Schools is committed to working together equitably, with families and communities, so that each learner has the knowledge and skills to be successful and contributing citizens in a diverse global society.”

The Minnesota Education Equity Partnership Associate Executive Director Jennifer Godinez shared that she also heard from those that they surveyed that they’d like to see more commitments to celebrating communities of color and an increase in staff diversity. “The board last year set a goal of increasing the percentage of teachers of color to 10% within three years.” They are also considering recommendations to have an equity committee and creating a new position for a diversity officer.

The school board will be voting on embracing the equity framework document on July 19. School Board member Kristi Schuck reportedly said,“We’re going to foundationally infuse this equity work into policy and into how our district is going to lead and teach and affect our communities.”

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